january 27,2014

i never know where it comes from or how it finds me.

i usually sense it at first stirring in the dark morning, bluesish…a tinge sad, a shadow uncertain.

Why ?  Where ?  How ?

i am not clear on these.

Not certain. Not settled . Not strong.

Of these i am certain.


Blue brings Beauty in many hues and shades.

This bluesy fog doesn’t feel beautiful.robin-egg

Blue holds the promise of new, of fresh and of life.

i don’t feel newness or promise.

So i ponder and i feel blue that i am bluesish.

and then i remember…


i go , i read, i open my heart , i trust

1 Peter 5:10

  the God of all grace,  will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Shared by a daily friend…Mrs. Charles Cowman,  over at Streams in the Desert.

It is His to order my steps, it is mine to take the next one.

It is His to paint the backdrop of the masterpiece called today , it is mine to trust and obey .

He will steady and settle. i will wait to see how this strange unknown palette of cool tones becomes something of beauty.

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