Why the little i

january 28,2014 by nama

While i respect the grammatical rule of capitalizing this first person pronoun ,  i

can not summit to the practice of consistently highlighting the mention of me.8464_1326861085_9   VINTAGE ALPHEBET

Those who know me well will agree that there is no need to highlight

any portion of me.numberpage  VINTAGE

It would be nice if this was some deep insight into the humble nature

of my truest self, i have my doubts.

When I type this I squirm, I need to inhale deeper and regroup before I move on.

When i type this i am at ease, this is just about the right amount of me and i can

ease on down the line without concern as to whom i may be overshadowing.

So this is how we are going to roll here, i hope you don’t mind and you stick around.

52 thoughts on “Why the little i

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