How to Ruin a perfect Cup of Coffee

january 30,2014 by nama

IMG_0548This is how i like to start my day, fresh ground Starbucks and a splash of bottled creamer.

This morning, for some unknown reason i turned the cap of my bottle of creamer, i looked inside. And i saw…..

Eeeewwwww !!!!      This is what i found in my NOT expired creamer. moldy creamer 005
moldy creamer 010
For the record, i am posting this several weeks after the trauma, making the expiration date further from the morning of offense than it appears to have been. If this is not as disgustingly clear to you as it was to me….that is mold inside the creamer bottle. Mold inside the spout we had been pouring our creamer through. i’m all about a good dose of penicillin ,  i can appreciate well aged cheese with the best of them, but this i did not need.

My point is this… nose around my friends, look before you pour, open the cracks and crevices and see what may be hiding in the dark corners.

For all of you healthier than i, i know i shouldn’t even be drinking this stuff, but i do and i prefer it without mildew.

IMG_0558 For this morning i moved on to a smooth cup of Teavana ,

and from here on out, i look before i pour, please heed my advice and do the same.

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