Six and Counting…….

february 14, 2014 by nama   

We have been blessed with 6 Grandbabies.

Four we hold, two on the way.

We treasure the privilege of being called to Grandparenting.

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, proverbs 17:6

You will get to know our Children’s Children in depth if you stick around.

For now here is a peek at the cuteness.


Our First son, Travis with his beauty Melissa Marie and their two jewels, Kingston John and Raena Marie. These two babies live in Los Angeles, CA . We miss them deeply, but treasure Travis and Melissa’s commitment to HIS call.  We have so much fun learning the art of Virtual Grandparenting with these two. Travis and Melissa are trusting the Lord to bless them with a third child through the miracle of adoption. We could not be more delighted. Their story is here.


Our second son Tylor and his princess Tiffany gave us Finley Rose and will add our 5th Jewel to our collection in the fall of 2014. Nama and Pappa think Finley needs a little brother, but no one seems to be listening . (update:Finley is getting a brother !!) Tylor and Tiffany keep our little Finley just about 12 minutes from Nama and Pappa’s home , we are thankful for the chance to love into her life regularly.


Parker is our third son , he is married to our sweet sweet third Daughter in law Kristi Beth. They are expecting their first little in March of 2014. Parker and Kristi named their little man Timothy Richard Avary , Timothy after Pappa. We are honored to the moon and back and we can not wait to meet our little Timothy. Stay tuned as there is sure to be much hoopla at the announcement of the arrival of our 4th jewel.

INTRODUCING our TImothy, born March 18th, 2014 IMG_9910

He established a testimony,
which he commanded fathers
to teach to their children,
that the next generation might know them,
the children yet unborn…
    so that they should set their hope in God
and not forget the works of God. Psalms 78:5-7

DSC_0472b   DSC_1628  IMG_0157 (3)IMG_0024

Our two daughters

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