Happily Ever After

February 14, 2014 by nama

 Valentine’s Romance and Happily Ever After,


is suppose to look like this or this


and certainly if we love well and we are succeeding, our displays of that love will look like



and this.

Valentines Chocolate Box Cake 03 (Large)

We have our moments,

IMG_3860i adore this man,

but mostly our Happily Ever After feels more like



and this.


 This business of being a family is hard work.

 24/7/365, in the trenches, doing the real stuff.

The real stuff….

 Marriage and parenting and budget do not come easily, do not come without commitment and effort. Effort makes you weary, weary makes some of us cranky.

 One of us wants to plan and one of us needs to be spontaneous, and do you know ?

 The two ne’er shall meet.

Most nights we fall asleep holding each other’s hearts from separate rooms.  One of us is deep into nighttime parenting while the other is needing rest to direct the cable guys yet another day, providing for a roof and cheerios.

Sinus infections, flat tires, flooded basements, failed septic, lost jobs, tough diagnoses’s, terrible twos and testing teens…

The real stuff….

Orphanage kids, rain, track meet, art items 168

 She was a perfect tiny bundle placed in our arms, we knew with nurture and calories and lots and lots of love our little bud would blossom into a gorgeous flower garden.

We would do this together, it would be fun, the world would be blessed by the beauty.


Fun it is , blinding is the beauty, blessings overflow in His ordained plan.

 In HIS unforeseen plan that our tiny bundle of promise and hope sprouted into,

not daffodils and daisies but  rows and rows of wild wheat.

Acres and acres of beautiful golden flowing stalks of wheat.

Rows that only stay neat if we plow and hoe.

In soil that needs weeding and watering and 250px-Grant_Wood_-_American_Gothic_-_Google_Art_Project

tending to.

Sometimes the tending  goes 24 hours around the big clock on the wall in the living room.

namafish clock (2)

The big clock with Roman Numerals and  Arabic Numerals and  neon post-it notes.

Because numbers are hard for our now nine year old precious one.

Numbers can be really hard when your first 15 months of development include starvation and deathly illness.

We need neon post-it notes,

and we work really really hard.

But we work hard together.

And we have a wise and loving Father who

knows all and Loves immeasurably and provides from His vast store houses of bounty.

We purpose to choose joy as we are plowing together.




The sun rises and the sun sets and we are plowing together,

 We share the beauty of the pink morning and the orange evening.

and we are Happy and

we will be here plowing together

Ever After.

We remind each other of the harvest He has promised.

 We talk of the  truck loads of wheat that when crushed and mixed and shared may nourish multitudes, each loaf  infused with the truth of His Love, His Promises, His Amazing Grace, and we trust He has a plan and we pick up the hoe and head to the fields,



HIS Happily Ever After looks different.

Designer Chocolates and Exotic Roses look more like

Pappa Murphy’s heart pizza and Walmart bouquets.

(Cuz we needed to stop there to get the prescription)

 We NEED to trust HIM and rely on each other because

resources and rest are short, and some of us get cranky.

But it is oh so rich and deep and real and lasting, doesn’t that sound like

Happily Ever After ?

Happy Valentines Day my Prince Charming,

my Knight in the cable truck.

My faithful, soldiering on, plow-mate.

HE is writing our Happily Ever After,

and i will be

EVER AFTER HAPPY that i was chosen to be the princess in your FischTale.

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