As it turns out

february 15, 2014 by nama


We had pepperoni cheese in the shape of a Valentine


When he picked up the prescription, he swapped out the bouquet for a DVD player, cuz that was just more sensible.


Nama and Aunty Blessing had this little Punkster all day long, so we got to share our valentines with Finley and her daddy.

  IMG_9426 IMG_9422

We had made some valentine crafts in January


Friends from forever gave us their evening


Kathy and Kevin have also raised 4 adult children and have a little caboose just the age of our Blessing. One of the daddy’s refers to them as chocolate thunder and white lightening. It is true and i am not telling who.

Together two tired older mammas

IMG_9400  IMG_9398  IMG_9411

added a few easy choices to our pizza.


Blessing and I made this home baked cake while Finley was napping. It really is that fast and easy.

After we ate and chatted, Finley took her daddy home, the 9 year olds got lost in Barbie wonderland and we curled up on the couches under cozy quilts. Girls on one and boys on another cuz there was catching up to do and secrets to share and the guys needed to keep an eye on Olympic results.

We sipped sparkling lemonade from a store bought bottle. We traded in our stemless goblets for hot tea as the evening waned.

We laughed and and we refreshed, treasuring the gift of relationships that stand the test of time. We shared dreams, hopes, hurts and fears. We rejoiced and reminded each other of His truth.

As it turns out..

It really doesn’t get better than



heart sharing with heart pizza


and Chocolate Cake.

As it turns out…

you don’t have to put on makeup or do your hair for the the deepest beauty to be seen and shared.

As it turns out…

you don’t have to pick up the toys to let friends in the back door.

As it turns out…

Your friends will step over the toys and seem to not even notice.

As it turns out…

 Our everydays hold all the magic of the extraordinary when we slow down enough to find it.

2 thoughts on “As it turns out

  1. I stumbled on your website/blog. It is 4:03 am. I spent one hour reading and enjoying your pictures. Your family is beautiful and you have such a beautiful spirit. May you and your family continue to be blessed and favored by God. Take care


    • I am humbled each time I find someone has read my words from our journey in our little corner of the world! We are profoundly Blessed in the Fish home and I am deeply encouraged by your kind sweet comment. I am in the depths of the final weeks of prep for our oldest daughter’s Wedding, I intend to return to NamaFish more actively after June 5th. I am gently documenting life and the wedding on my Facebook page Mary Kaye Elizabeth Speckeen Fischer. Be Joy Filled, Be Blessed!


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