Barbie Cake for Daddy

february 15,2014 by nama


This is what you get when you allow a 9 year old Barbie princess to design a Valentine cake for her chocolate loving daddy.

i asked Blessing if she would like to make a cake for Daddy for Valentines Day, her response…

” Can it be a Barbie cake ? ”

Not wanting to rain on her Valentine parade and trying to skillfully avoid her propensity towards angst, i of course, replied…


My victory was short celebrated as the angst showed its ugly self the moment Blessing realized Barbie’s dress would have to be brown because daddy loves chocolate most of all.

But as luck would have it a 9 year old’s concern for the beauty of barbie’s ball gown melts away with the realization that the most effective way to add the pearl sprinkles to the ruffles is to pelt  Barbie with all your force one sparkling edible jewel at a time.

Blessing pelted, Finley sat nearby in her highchair giggling an out of control belly laugh with each candy Blessing added to Barbie’s skirt.


This is a new skill in our kitchen, my four adult kids will tell you there was no pelting happening when they were developing their culinary skills.

i have learned, i have grown. i say here in front of all cyber-land “i am sorry my first four !”

If you wish to try this method of cake decorating you need to know the pelting needs to happen immediately after you apply the icing. The pearls can not grab icing that has started to set, regardless of your enthusiasm.

We used our Nothing Bundt Copy Cat recipe.  Yummy !!!!

i own a  34 year old doll skirt pan, making this cake Simple Simon.

You can buy a pan here.


Our very own little Barbie Princess from Liberia.

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