Monkeys and Bananas

may 2014 by Pappafish

One of my favorite allegories for life in a corporation (or any business), life in a church, or even in a family is the story of the Monkeys and the Bananas.  There are several versions with a few variations, but they all make the same general point. Sometimes we do things without stopping to ask why.  I have been blessed and cursed in life by having the gene that makes me ask “Why am I doing this?  Just because everyone else is?” I also have it’s evil twin gene which makes me rebel against written instructions (are they not just suggestions).  I admit it is driven by pride for I don’t want to be one of the sheared masses. Monkeys and Bananas Five monkeys were in a room that contained a ladder in one corner, and a banana hanging from a string in the middle of the room. The monkeys figured out that if they dragged the ladder to the middle of the room, they could climb up and grab the banana. So they did. As one of the monkeys quickly hopped up and reached for the banana, hidden compartments in the walls suddenly opened, releasing high-pressure cold water that knocked the monkey off the ladder and drenched the other four monkeys. They quickly learned that whenever one of them climbed on the ladder, all of them were soaked with cold water. They realized climbing on top of the ladder was a bad idea. Unbeknownst to the monkeys, the high-pressure cold water hoses were disconnected and removed. The next week, one of the five monkeys was removed from the room and replaced by a new monkey. The new monkey saw the ladder and the banana dangling from the ceiling. Realizing that the banana was there for the taking, the monkey headed for the ladder. But fearful of being drenched by the high-pressure cold water, the other four monkeys pounced on the newcomer and beat the tar out of him. Every time the new monkey got near the ladder, the others beat him up. Soon the new monkey no longer went near the ladder. By the third week, another of the original five monkeys was replaced by a new monkey. And like the monkey the week before, the newest member of the group tried to get near the ladder to move it over to the banana. Once again, the others beat up the newest member of the group. Even the first new monkey joined in. Each successive week, one more of the original monkeys was replaced. The same thing happened every time; when the newest monkey attempted to get near the ladder, the others joined in to discourage him. By the sixth week, not a single monkey was left from the original group. Not one remained that had been squirted with cold water. But when the newest monkey headed toward the ladder and tried to reach the banana, the other four monkeys “trained” him by beating the tar out of him. If you could ask each monkey why it was beating up the new monkey, each probably would say, “I don’t know, that is just the way we do things around here.” Monkey bandaide

Thoughts on Atheism

By Pappafish

Thoughts on Atheism:

Actually for Atheism to be true, you have to prove a negative hypothesis. To believe in a God requires proof in the positive hypothesis. Neither proof of course is possible for a human and both require faith – Faith in the negative (something doesn’t exist) or faith in the positive (something does exist). An example of this would be the following . . .

It is easier to prove there truly is a Bigfoot, than that it doesn’t exist. In order to prove there isn’t such a thing, you’d have to be in all places at all times and all at once, which of course is not humanly possible. To prove there is a Bigfoot, you simply have to find one, then record some sort of evidence to prove it to others. I am sure for those who have firsthand encounters with what they believe is a Bigfoot feel there is proof and don’t feel a need to convince others of its existence.

To prove there is no God would require one to not only be in all places at once, but in all places in the universe and at all times, past present and future. It would also require that you access all dimensions, even those beyond human comprehension. In order to prove there is no God, you would indeed need to possess qualities which would make you God, thus rendering the hypothesis false. Those who believe there is a God have most likely either felt or experienced evidence in their personal life that leaves them no other reasonable explanation than existence of a greater, living, caring being. For those who have not experienced this, or have another explanation for these experiences in others, believe that this experience (in others) is either fraudulent or self-delusional.  So if it requires faith to believe a positive or a negative hypothesis that allows for no empirical evidence, you must simply choose one or the other. If one is honest, we most likely find this choice framed by experience and learning.  If we have had a positive experience to associate with our learning we will most like embrace that belief.  If we have had a negative experience, we most like will reject it and embrace the antithesis.  So since belief in God or that there is no God is purely a choice, one must consider the ramifications of either decision.

Now – fast forward to the end of life. If you have chosen to believe there is no God, and you are right, nothing happens.  You slip from consciousness never to think about these matters again.  If you do not believe in a God, and there is one. Then you face the wrath of that God, who has asked you to have faith and believe in the unseen (and as we have stated above – not believing in God is faith in the unseen as a negative hypothesis). If you believe there is a God and die – you are good to go (certain restrictions apply – please see preferred God manual). You enjoy an eternity of some sort.  If you believe in God and there is none. Nothing happens. You split from consciousness never to think on these things again. If you were given a lottery ticket and the giver told you it was worth $1 million, you would probably check into it even if the odds were millions to one that this was indeed a winner.  Only the fool would throw it, even though he had no proof that it either was or was not real.


may 2014 by Pappafish

Are you familiar with stereograms? You know, the abstract looking blobs of color that you have to stare at for a few minutes before you see the real image? 3d rings Some people really struggle to see them, mainly because they are too focused on the flat, two dimensional thing in front of them to allow their eyes to focus beyond that.  As I was looking at some of these a while back it reminded me of leadership – specifically leadership in the church. People look at the challenges in front of a church – the same challenges that the leadership is seeing, and are quick to judge leadership because they see action or inaction and it doesn’t seem appropriate for the 2-D “picture” they are seeing, when if fact the leadership has the whole 3-D picture in focus.  I have seen many walk away critical of leadership claiming they can’t see the plain issue that is right in front of their (leadership’s) face, when in fact, the are judging from a 2 dimensional perspective.  Trust Godly men whom God has placed in authority over us, who bath their action in prayer – they are often seeing a dimension that you are not able to.

What do you say to a man talking into a banana?

by Pappafish

So a while back I went into the grocery store and see a man talking on a banana. This is unusual I think to myself. I must figure this out. What are my options?

1. He is just weird.

2. He is pulling a prank on someone.

3. This is a new form of technology out just in time for Christmas.

4. This is some sort of Coulee region Candid Camera.

5. I must see the eye Dr. soon –

I must weigh out all these …possibilities in a split second because I certainly don’t want to be caught off guard. If #1 – I don’t want to make eye contact and awkwardly engaged in a conversation I don’t want to have. If #2 – I am an innocent 3rd party and don’t want to get in the middle of an inside joke that I am not part of. If #3 – I need to look nonchalant as if I knew about this already. If #4 – I never liked being on the receiving end of a prank – even if monetary compensation was involved. #5 – I just was there. DANG, no good options. So I must in this split second of deliberation FACE LIFE HEAD ON. So I looked squarely at him, and then realized, he had the cell phone in his palm and was just holding the produce between his thumb and index finger as he reached for his wallet with his free hand. PHWEEW.

Till Death do us Part

march 21,2014 by nama

A post honoring the gift of 33 years of Happily Ever After with My Man

i am awed by the gift of this marriage from my Heavenly Father, i am ever grateful to My Man for his commitment to myself and his Saviour , when he said “till death do us part” , he meant it !! i have written this little post (which actually started as a Christmas Gift) from the perspective of what i have given Tim, after all it is a gift from me. i am humbled as i know none of this would have been possible without our Lord or Tim’s high commitment to forever.

till death do us part 001 (2)

You were a hunky 20 and a bit of a show off, all be it, a very quiet show off.

till death do us part 001You were very cool in your sunglasses,

engaged at Junior PromYou gave me a diamond at my Junior High School Prom, i said yes, “they” all said we were crazy.

till death do us part 001 (3)  till death do us part 002

i sewed a dress and we said “I DO ” on March 21, 1981, in my senior year of high school. i was not expecting, we were pure and had a huge, gorgeous, white dress, chapel wedding.  inquiring minds want to know.

“They” said we would not last.

                  naps IMG_1077_2

i have tried hard to understand your needs and meet them as best i am able. You, My Man are a strong introvert, you manage people 50 hours a week to pay our bills and then come home to a house full of crazy extroverts, sometimes a guy just needs a nap.


After 5 years of marriage, with the help of this little guy, i gave you the title of Daddy. Travis.


Just to lighten things up a bit, i gave you this little guy. Tylor.


Rounding out the Fischer Boy Trifecta, this little heavy weight joined your daddy duties. Parker.


Finally…..”I love you a bushel and a peck.” Kaydra .


And then we were Blessed with our Blessing.


      338_537037811611_710_n         284053_10150260763121937_3065684_n

Our Sons choose these three beauties and made you a Father-in-law.

After 30 years of commitment, the ultimate reward was granted us when we were crowned with the titles of Pappa and Nama.

Proverbs 17:6  “Children’s children are a crowning JEWEL to the aged.


Our newborn Jewels

IMG_9254  1493026_10100389986022415_878991710_n  IMG_3928   IMG_9977

Kingston, Finley, Raena and Timothy, our growing JOY.

Today as we celebrate 33 years of doing life together, i am beyond words grateful that it is you i said  “I Do” to. I promise you all over again i will be here doing whatever this life hands us for every moment of every day our Lord grants us.


 This is my gift to you. The 11 that surround us here

+ our newest two , 00IMG_9998 Kaydra’s Cody and little IMG_4115 Timothy.

I pray His blessing adds many more to our clan and our home is filled to overflowing with the fruit of our young Love.

Misspelled Saviour ?

Spell Check will always tell you Saviour is misspelled, every single time you type Saviour and right click, it will give you Savior.

Webster , Yahoo and the average web search will give you never ending explanations and arguments as to what the difference is, which is correct and why the whole argument is a waste of time or of eternal significance.

Tradition seems to lean in favor of Saviour. i‘m kind of a traditional girl.

Some feel the u sets Saviour apart from the general many saviors of many things and refers to our one and only Saviour of the world. That’s kind of cute . Perhaps based in the 1600’s Kings James preference of including the u.

i choose to use Saviour when referring to my Lord and Saviour , the one and only, who gave his very life that i may have new life.

i use savior when referring to Jack from the Titanic who,  “saved Rose in every way a person can be saved “.

It may be a quirk, it may be reverence and respect. What ever the reasons, i choose to use both, don’t allow it to confuse you or bother you, i will deal with the narrow mindedness of spell-check. You should see all the red underlines my auto editor is giving me right now .

Pappa P.S.  Spelled the old way it contains the letters I.O.U. – Definitely a reminder of the I.O.U. for one life that was torn up and thrown away at the cross.


Why Blog ?

march 16,2014 by nama

A very dear friend of ours asked.

My man, adoringly proud of his bride’s ponderings, crafting, kitchen skills and mothering, told our dear friends on a recent visit….”I bought Kaye a domain and she is going to start blogging.” Our genuinely near and dear friend , who will remain nameless for his own protection responded with some not so adoring thoughts.  You may be interested in knowing that this friend almost always prepares ______ cakes for us when we overnight together. To share with you the value of this friendship i should mention that in a less treasured relationship his comments may have prompted a Dear ____ letter. I am off track……..

The questions posed were along these lines….

1. Why blog ??

2. Isn’t that kind of a pride thing ?

3. Why would you think anyone would want to read what you have to say ?

To restate the above , this is a very dear relationship to us, he was not being a jerk, just honest conversation over fresh ______ cakes and maple syrup. We went on to chat through coffee and i assured this friend that if in fact Tim’s faith in his bride brought about any writing, he (questioning friend) had just earned the honor of being featured in one of my earliest posts. Honestly, i bet most have some of those thoughts and i have huge appreciation for the rare friend that is willing to just say it !

As my man and i drove home after our refreshing time with said friends we chatted about those thoughts. Our first, most simplified response was along these lines.

Isn’t the question “Why Blog ? ” just about as sensible as the questions;

Why write a book ?

Why read a book ? ,

Why hunt ?  that one is for you dear doubting friend

Why decorate a living room ?

Why go for a hike ?

Our answers would be along the lines of…because we want to, because we enjoy it, because we enjoy the process and the results. That is fair isn’t it  ?  Nothing too deep or more profound.

I did give our friend more words over breakfast that morning because , lets be honest , i always have more words. Here are some of those words.

1. Cyber-community. We live in a cut-off isolated world , we do not “coffee” and share cookie recipes or potty training ideas like our mammas and grandmas did. My world is particularly small as i stay in our home doing childcare and homeschooling our Blessing all day everyday 5 days a week. I have 4 adult daughters, 3 of whom are new mammas. I have a world of sweet younger friends and women that i would just love to fellowship with regularly and this is one way to facilitate that connection. I can post an exhausted mamma story and my girls can find it in their timing. I can post a favorite family recipe and it will be there for all of time for anyone to reference. Practical and functional.

2. Pride Thing ?? This is perhaps the battle i have had the toughest time coming to terms with. I am by nature a front and center kind of person. I am larger than most of life and if you ask(or not), i will have something to say. i desire more than anything that my every word and action be nothing but worship to my Lord and Saviour, it seems oh so dangerous to give my propensity towards self focus the opportunity to be more publicly heard. It scares the living day lights what does that mean ? out of me to think what my “self” may do with a simple “wow, nice job!” or “I was encouraged, thanks for sharing.” So i tread very pensively, trusting He is able to manage my issues in this area and He will be faithful to use every word i type to make more of HIM and less of me.

3. What do i have to say…..really nothing exceptional , unique or impressive. This is just us putting our little Fisch pond out there for whatever it is worth. We live a full, fun, abundant and simple life. We are honored by curious questions as to how or why or when we have done “it” in the Fisch Pond. We know we have nothing worthy in and of itself going on here. We also know we  are overwhelmed by His abundant Grace and Mercy through life here in the pond, and that is always worthy of being shared.

Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen and called its name Ebenezer; for he said,

“Till now the LORD has helped us.” 1 Samuel 7:12

Perhaps this collection of writing is a monument of stones of sorts. A place our children and our children’s children can come and read and reflect and see a God worthy of their worship and devotion. Perhaps our musing will touch a life or two outside of our pond, and perhaps it’s nothing more than a pass-time My Man and i enjoy together. So we ponder, we muse, we write and we thank you for stopping by .

What is with all the pajama pictures ?

march 11,2014 a letter by nama from christmas eve 2013

 Family, Pajamas, CHRISTMAS and Sewing, four of my Favorite things.1513805_10100399598678575_1291245925_o

i thought  i would be THAT mom who sewed pajamas for my kids each Christmas. Kind-of my “bucket list” except i still have my issues with a bucket list philosophy.

Pajamas never happened. Until this year…..1492037_10100399598708515_1506870450_o

Humor me and play along, this is really more about my joy than your’s.

i planned, i calculated, i shopped at 5:30am on Black Friday.  When you need 22 yards, it’s worth fighting the crazies at Hancock.

And i sewed ….1538142_10100399598703525_1501616873_o

i worked soooo hard to figure sizes , i measured and Googled and guessed.

This may never happen again, some of you will wish to that end.

If they fit any of you, i will be happy.1505956_10100399598653625_1706959400_o

If they fit most of you and you use them, i will be surprised.

If you love them and they are perfect Christmas Fun, i will be delighted.

 This is my sewing corner.IMG_9808

i create, i pray, i measure, i dream, i cut, i hope, i sew, i give thanks, i am overwhelmed with joy and fulfillment in having been a small part of the creating of this picture.IMG_9811

i wait with full joy to see your futures and hopes unfold!

Proverbs 31 ESV

21 She is not afraid of snow for her household,

    for all her household are clothed in Fleece.

22 She makes bed coverings …..

24 She makes linen garments and sells them;

    she delivers sashes to the needy…….1508241_10100399598289355_571323460_n

This really isn’t about the garments,

Sometimes a mamma needs a tangible way to take all those prayers and dreams and turn them into something that touches her babies. Her babies that have grown big and left the pond, her babies that now gift her with precious new fresh babies. A mamma needs to believe she can still at moments in His New Ways give comfort and encouragement and warmth to the babies HE trusted her with. Babies who are now world conquering men and beautiful dancing women. Those who are fast becoming mature mamma’s and deep thinking theologians in their own rights .

So that is all, i sewed, i am happy, i had my bucket moment (or hours and hours and hours). Let me have a picture or two and we are good to go.1525812_10100399597810315_479469086_o

Do me one huge favor…if you find they aren’t working for you or you just aren’t feeling the fleece vibe, pass them on to goodwill, a sib who is loving them or someone in need. i would love to know that someone somewhere is using them. i don’t want to add clutter to your busy worlds . You may keep the prayers and love, just pass on the fleece.

i love you more than i ever could have imagined, you bring me more joy than i ever could have asked for !!


That is all there is to it, our Tylor took the pictures, i like them,they are current and easy to access.

Self Centered post note, i printed this letter and included it with each package but i still required that they all sit and quietly listen to me as i read it aloud. i ponder if that may be the homeshcool teacher in me, perhaps i know some won’t actually read every word and i need control. i suspect it is more like this… i have them all in one spot, held captives of sorts, i want to believe they still need to hear some of what i have learned, i long to imprint in them daily HIS truth and our love for them as we did when they were tiny. So i ask them to listen when i have Christmas spirit weighting things in my favor.

It is not easy to trust Jesus with your most treasured treasures, i pray i am learning.