I think I am kind~of famous

march 11,2014 by nama from 2012

Our Blessing was featured in a local magazine a while back.

Attention in public is not a new thing to Blessing, her bigger than life personality commands attention wherever we go.

Blessing is a name not forgotten. The very white mom with the very chocolate pixie is a combination that is more unique than common in our little Midwest hamlet, yet to be on the cover of a magazine on every reading table and magazine rack around town brought a whole new level of recognition and our girl was absolutely loving it.

Blessing was interviewed separate from Tim and i , it was a treat to hear her perspective on her journey. A few details involved some artistic licence on Blessing’s part, here are the facts before you read her story…..

We rarely eat broccoli , we rarely have casseroles,( how did she even know that word), and i do not cook anything regularly or every Tuesday.

Blessing’s brother Tylor does play football, in the front yard with his dad and brothers.

My time in Liberia was 9 days, or in other words, a month.


Domoundo does not mean Blessing, Blessing’s birth parents gave her the name Blessing. The people from Blessing’s  part of Africa speak English and Blessing was Blessing from moment one of her beautiful little life.




005…. after several weeks of living the fun of this article , our girl was pretty sure she must be some kind of famous, what we know for sure is that she is some king of amazing.


Blessing found this magazine rack at the YMCA , she is in one and her big sissy is featured in the other one.

Dad and Mom’s version of Blessing’s adoption story

Our Blessing

Our Girls

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