Our Blessing

march 10,2014 by nama
Bleh-Bleh 2 copy from Mariama

Blessing Kayin Elizabeth Fischer was brought to our family through the miracle of adoption in 2005


Blessing was born in Liberia, Africa. Her mother died of illness when Blessing was 7 months old. i  traveled to bring Blessing home 8 months later.  We arrived at home and Blessing met the rest of her family on September 10,2005. Blessing was 15 months old, she wore size 3 month cloths and was a very sick little girl. IMG_3095

This picture was just 2 weeks after we arrived home.  It was miraculous to watch what our Lord did those first months with a lot of love and good nutrition.

Blessing’s growth chart line went straight up for the first 6 month she was home. She blossomed into a little tiny ebony bundle of life, joy, ENERGY and mischief as she grew and developed.
Dawn marie ble toes copy


The gift of Blessing to our family is one of the most amazing miracles Our Lord has given.



Rehearsal 084 (28)

Our nine year old beauty
IMG_9260Our nine and a half year old mermaid

The very detailed version of our adoption journey begins here

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