What is with all the pajama pictures ?

march 11,2014 a letter by nama from christmas eve 2013

 Family, Pajamas, CHRISTMAS and Sewing, four of my Favorite things.1513805_10100399598678575_1291245925_o

i thought  i would be THAT mom who sewed pajamas for my kids each Christmas. Kind-of my “bucket list” except i still have my issues with a bucket list philosophy.

Pajamas never happened. Until this year…..1492037_10100399598708515_1506870450_o

Humor me and play along, this is really more about my joy than your’s.

i planned, i calculated, i shopped at 5:30am on Black Friday.  When you need 22 yards, it’s worth fighting the crazies at Hancock.

And i sewed ….1538142_10100399598703525_1501616873_o

i worked soooo hard to figure sizes , i measured and Googled and guessed.

This may never happen again, some of you will wish to that end.

If they fit any of you, i will be happy.1505956_10100399598653625_1706959400_o

If they fit most of you and you use them, i will be surprised.

If you love them and they are perfect Christmas Fun, i will be delighted.

 This is my sewing corner.IMG_9808

i create, i pray, i measure, i dream, i cut, i hope, i sew, i give thanks, i am overwhelmed with joy and fulfillment in having been a small part of the creating of this picture.IMG_9811

i wait with full joy to see your futures and hopes unfold!

Proverbs 31 ESV

21 She is not afraid of snow for her household,

    for all her household are clothed in Fleece.

22 She makes bed coverings …..

24 She makes linen garments and sells them;

    she delivers sashes to the needy…….1508241_10100399598289355_571323460_n

This really isn’t about the garments,

Sometimes a mamma needs a tangible way to take all those prayers and dreams and turn them into something that touches her babies. Her babies that have grown big and left the pond, her babies that now gift her with precious new fresh babies. A mamma needs to believe she can still at moments in His New Ways give comfort and encouragement and warmth to the babies HE trusted her with. Babies who are now world conquering men and beautiful dancing women. Those who are fast becoming mature mamma’s and deep thinking theologians in their own rights .

So that is all, i sewed, i am happy, i had my bucket moment (or hours and hours and hours). Let me have a picture or two and we are good to go.1525812_10100399597810315_479469086_o

Do me one huge favor…if you find they aren’t working for you or you just aren’t feeling the fleece vibe, pass them on to goodwill, a sib who is loving them or someone in need. i would love to know that someone somewhere is using them. i don’t want to add clutter to your busy worlds . You may keep the prayers and love, just pass on the fleece.

i love you more than i ever could have imagined, you bring me more joy than i ever could have asked for !!


That is all there is to it, our Tylor took the pictures, i like them,they are current and easy to access.

Self Centered post note, i printed this letter and included it with each package but i still required that they all sit and quietly listen to me as i read it aloud. i ponder if that may be the homeshcool teacher in me, perhaps i know some won’t actually read every word and i need control. i suspect it is more like this… i have them all in one spot, held captives of sorts, i want to believe they still need to hear some of what i have learned, i long to imprint in them daily HIS truth and our love for them as we did when they were tiny. So i ask them to listen when i have Christmas spirit weighting things in my favor.

It is not easy to trust Jesus with your most treasured treasures, i pray i am learning.

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