Till Death do us Part

march 21,2014 by nama

A post honoring the gift of 33 years of Happily Ever After with My Man

i am awed by the gift of this marriage from my Heavenly Father, i am ever grateful to My Man for his commitment to myself and his Saviour , when he said “till death do us part” , he meant it !! i have written this little post (which actually started as a Christmas Gift) from the perspective of what i have given Tim, after all it is a gift from me. i am humbled as i know none of this would have been possible without our Lord or Tim’s high commitment to forever.

till death do us part 001 (2)

You were a hunky 20 and a bit of a show off, all be it, a very quiet show off.

till death do us part 001You were very cool in your sunglasses,

engaged at Junior PromYou gave me a diamond at my Junior High School Prom, i said yes, “they” all said we were crazy.

till death do us part 001 (3)  till death do us part 002

i sewed a dress and we said “I DO ” on March 21, 1981, in my senior year of high school. i was not expecting, we were pure and had a huge, gorgeous, white dress, chapel wedding.  inquiring minds want to know.

“They” said we would not last.

                  naps IMG_1077_2

i have tried hard to understand your needs and meet them as best i am able. You, My Man are a strong introvert, you manage people 50 hours a week to pay our bills and then come home to a house full of crazy extroverts, sometimes a guy just needs a nap.


After 5 years of marriage, with the help of this little guy, i gave you the title of Daddy. Travis.


Just to lighten things up a bit, i gave you this little guy. Tylor.


Rounding out the Fischer Boy Trifecta, this little heavy weight joined your daddy duties. Parker.


Finally…..”I love you a bushel and a peck.” Kaydra .


And then we were Blessed with our Blessing.


      338_537037811611_710_n         284053_10150260763121937_3065684_n

Our Sons choose these three beauties and made you a Father-in-law.

After 30 years of commitment, the ultimate reward was granted us when we were crowned with the titles of Pappa and Nama.

Proverbs 17:6  “Children’s children are a crowning JEWEL to the aged.


Our newborn Jewels

IMG_9254  1493026_10100389986022415_878991710_n  IMG_3928   IMG_9977

Kingston, Finley, Raena and Timothy, our growing JOY.

Today as we celebrate 33 years of doing life together, i am beyond words grateful that it is you i said  “I Do” to. I promise you all over again i will be here doing whatever this life hands us for every moment of every day our Lord grants us.


 This is my gift to you. The 11 that surround us here

+ our newest two , 00IMG_9998 Kaydra’s Cody and little IMG_4115 Timothy.

I pray His blessing adds many more to our clan and our home is filled to overflowing with the fruit of our young Love.

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