Why Blog ?

march 16,2014 by nama

A very dear friend of ours asked.

My man, adoringly proud of his bride’s ponderings, crafting, kitchen skills and mothering, told our dear friends on a recent visit….”I bought Kaye a domain and she is going to start blogging.” Our genuinely near and dear friend , who will remain nameless for his own protection responded with some not so adoring thoughts.  You may be interested in knowing that this friend almost always prepares ______ cakes for us when we overnight together. To share with you the value of this friendship i should mention that in a less treasured relationship his comments may have prompted a Dear ____ letter. I am off track……..

The questions posed were along these lines….

1. Why blog ??

2. Isn’t that kind of a pride thing ?

3. Why would you think anyone would want to read what you have to say ?

To restate the above , this is a very dear relationship to us, he was not being a jerk, just honest conversation over fresh ______ cakes and maple syrup. We went on to chat through coffee and i assured this friend that if in fact Tim’s faith in his bride brought about any writing, he (questioning friend) had just earned the honor of being featured in one of my earliest posts. Honestly, i bet most have some of those thoughts and i have huge appreciation for the rare friend that is willing to just say it !

As my man and i drove home after our refreshing time with said friends we chatted about those thoughts. Our first, most simplified response was along these lines.

Isn’t the question “Why Blog ? ” just about as sensible as the questions;

Why write a book ?

Why read a book ? ,

Why hunt ?  that one is for you dear doubting friend

Why decorate a living room ?

Why go for a hike ?

Our answers would be along the lines of…because we want to, because we enjoy it, because we enjoy the process and the results. That is fair isn’t it  ?  Nothing too deep or more profound.

I did give our friend more words over breakfast that morning because , lets be honest , i always have more words. Here are some of those words.

1. Cyber-community. We live in a cut-off isolated world , we do not “coffee” and share cookie recipes or potty training ideas like our mammas and grandmas did. My world is particularly small as i stay in our home doing childcare and homeschooling our Blessing all day everyday 5 days a week. I have 4 adult daughters, 3 of whom are new mammas. I have a world of sweet younger friends and women that i would just love to fellowship with regularly and this is one way to facilitate that connection. I can post an exhausted mamma story and my girls can find it in their timing. I can post a favorite family recipe and it will be there for all of time for anyone to reference. Practical and functional.

2. Pride Thing ?? This is perhaps the battle i have had the toughest time coming to terms with. I am by nature a front and center kind of person. I am larger than most of life and if you ask(or not), i will have something to say. i desire more than anything that my every word and action be nothing but worship to my Lord and Saviour, it seems oh so dangerous to give my propensity towards self focus the opportunity to be more publicly heard. It scares the living day lights what does that mean ? out of me to think what my “self” may do with a simple “wow, nice job!” or “I was encouraged, thanks for sharing.” So i tread very pensively, trusting He is able to manage my issues in this area and He will be faithful to use every word i type to make more of HIM and less of me.

3. What do i have to say…..really nothing exceptional , unique or impressive. This is just us putting our little Fisch pond out there for whatever it is worth. We live a full, fun, abundant and simple life. We are honored by curious questions as to how or why or when we have done “it” in the Fisch Pond. We know we have nothing worthy in and of itself going on here. We also know we  are overwhelmed by His abundant Grace and Mercy through life here in the pond, and that is always worthy of being shared.

Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen and called its name Ebenezer; for he said,

“Till now the LORD has helped us.” 1 Samuel 7:12

Perhaps this collection of writing is a monument of stones of sorts. A place our children and our children’s children can come and read and reflect and see a God worthy of their worship and devotion. Perhaps our musing will touch a life or two outside of our pond, and perhaps it’s nothing more than a pass-time My Man and i enjoy together. So we ponder, we muse, we write and we thank you for stopping by .

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