may 2014 by Pappafish

Are you familiar with stereograms? You know, the abstract looking blobs of color that you have to stare at for a few minutes before you see the real image? 3d rings Some people really struggle to see them, mainly because they are too focused on the flat, two dimensional thing in front of them to allow their eyes to focus beyond that.  As I was looking at some of these a while back it reminded me of leadership – specifically leadership in the church. People look at the challenges in front of a church – the same challenges that the leadership is seeing, and are quick to judge leadership because they see action or inaction and it doesn’t seem appropriate for the 2-D “picture” they are seeing, when if fact the leadership has the whole 3-D picture in focus.  I have seen many walk away critical of leadership claiming they can’t see the plain issue that is right in front of their (leadership’s) face, when in fact, the are judging from a 2 dimensional perspective.  Trust Godly men whom God has placed in authority over us, who bath their action in prayer – they are often seeing a dimension that you are not able to.

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