Thoughts on Atheism

By Pappafish

Thoughts on Atheism:

Actually for Atheism to be true, you have to prove a negative hypothesis. To believe in a God requires proof in the positive hypothesis. Neither proof of course is possible for a human and both require faith – Faith in the negative (something doesn’t exist) or faith in the positive (something does exist). An example of this would be the following . . .

It is easier to prove there truly is a Bigfoot, than that it doesn’t exist. In order to prove there isn’t such a thing, you’d have to be in all places at all times and all at once, which of course is not humanly possible. To prove there is a Bigfoot, you simply have to find one, then record some sort of evidence to prove it to others. I am sure for those who have firsthand encounters with what they believe is a Bigfoot feel there is proof and don’t feel a need to convince others of its existence.

To prove there is no God would require one to not only be in all places at once, but in all places in the universe and at all times, past present and future. It would also require that you access all dimensions, even those beyond human comprehension. In order to prove there is no God, you would indeed need to possess qualities which would make you God, thus rendering the hypothesis false. Those who believe there is a God have most likely either felt or experienced evidence in their personal life that leaves them no other reasonable explanation than existence of a greater, living, caring being. For those who have not experienced this, or have another explanation for these experiences in others, believe that this experience (in others) is either fraudulent or self-delusional.  So if it requires faith to believe a positive or a negative hypothesis that allows for no empirical evidence, you must simply choose one or the other. If one is honest, we most likely find this choice framed by experience and learning.  If we have had a positive experience to associate with our learning we will most like embrace that belief.  If we have had a negative experience, we most like will reject it and embrace the antithesis.  So since belief in God or that there is no God is purely a choice, one must consider the ramifications of either decision.

Now – fast forward to the end of life. If you have chosen to believe there is no God, and you are right, nothing happens.  You slip from consciousness never to think about these matters again.  If you do not believe in a God, and there is one. Then you face the wrath of that God, who has asked you to have faith and believe in the unseen (and as we have stated above – not believing in God is faith in the unseen as a negative hypothesis). If you believe there is a God and die – you are good to go (certain restrictions apply – please see preferred God manual). You enjoy an eternity of some sort.  If you believe in God and there is none. Nothing happens. You split from consciousness never to think on these things again. If you were given a lottery ticket and the giver told you it was worth $1 million, you would probably check into it even if the odds were millions to one that this was indeed a winner.  Only the fool would throw it, even though he had no proof that it either was or was not real.

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