What do you say to a man talking into a banana?

by Pappafish

So a while back I went into the grocery store and see a man talking on a banana. This is unusual I think to myself. I must figure this out. What are my options?

1. He is just weird.

2. He is pulling a prank on someone.

3. This is a new form of technology out just in time for Christmas.

4. This is some sort of Coulee region Candid Camera.

5. I must see the eye Dr. soon –

I must weigh out all these …possibilities in a split second because I certainly don’t want to be caught off guard. If #1 – I don’t want to make eye contact and awkwardly engaged in a conversation I don’t want to have. If #2 – I am an innocent 3rd party and don’t want to get in the middle of an inside joke that I am not part of. If #3 – I need to look nonchalant as if I knew about this already. If #4 – I never liked being on the receiving end of a prank – even if monetary compensation was involved. #5 – I just was there. DANG, no good options. So I must in this split second of deliberation FACE LIFE HEAD ON. So I looked squarely at him, and then realized, he had the cell phone in his palm and was just holding the produce between his thumb and index finger as he reached for his wallet with his free hand. PHWEEW.

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