The Gift

may 10, 2014 by Nama


Sometime a gift is so much more than the package that is opened. Even when the contents of the box are perfect, the bigger GIFT may be completely unseen.

Our Blessing has struggled with disturbed sleep from moment one in my arms, sleeping on my chest, on a mat, on the floor in the orphanage in Africa.

We have worked hard to figure out what may help her settle and what might be our ticket to a full night’s rest. Tim and i typically need to sleep separately allowing one of us to rest for tomorrow while the other one nurtures our Blessing .

Several experts had mentioned a weighted blanket through the years. For about 18 months i have intended to do something about a blanket.



We have tried so many things, invested much time , energy and $$$  yet we remain sleepless in Wisconsin. i am skeptical, i am processing, i am cautious.

Weighted blankets are really expensive, we have grand-babies in California and plane tickets are really expensive. Choices. Priorities.

i could sew, but last night was exhausting and i can’t think clearly, let alone weigh beads.  i will work on that idea tomorrow …..18 months of tomorrows.

A friend mentioned an organization that donates weighted blankets to struggling children. i reasoned that we were not candidates for the service, after-all  i could sew, we “could” find the $ in our budget and our girl’s diagnosis’s fall on the mild side.

 i don’t like to need. i don’t like to be served. i am a fixer, i could would handle this. i sensed there was pride holding me back,

i chose to swallow hard and summit our Blessing’s request, within days sponsorship came in and our girl was gifted with a blanket.


We anticipated the arrival of the box. “Mamma, is my blanket coming today ? “


 The wait wasn’t long, it arrived ! Blessing was thrilled ~ pink and purple with sparkles !

 i held my breath doubtful that it would be the help we had been looking for. i was afraid to hope this bundle of beads and polyfiber may actually bring comfort and rest to our 8 years of restless nights.

i was sooooo wrong.


Easy, calm, sound and peaceful sleep for our girl.

The science is beyond me but the results of snuggling our Blessing under the 9 pounds of plastic pellets in this miracle blanket are indisputable.

 i have been waiting to share, fearful this good thing would come to an end. A month into this journey i am convinced the science and therapy behind weighted blankets is nothing short of genius. We are all resting better in our fish pond, but the real gift goes so much deeper. This process has gifted us with some treasures we were not even aware we lacked.

We found a community of others walking similar journeys to ours.

We realized we are less alone than it sometimes feels as an organization jumped at the chance to come along side us, as a young single mom gave of her time, energy and love to actually construct Blessing’s blanket and as unknown sponsors gave the cash needed to allow Blessing’s blanket to be given.


Our girl is happier~calmer~more focused~IMG_0449

more obedient~less impulsive~doing measurably better academically~IMG_0443

funnier~more cooperativeIMG_0442~having more fun and did i mention Happier !

We have been so blessed by this process we are looking for opportunities to pass the blessing on.  We have ordered supplies to try our hand at sewing a  cotton summer blanket for Blessing. We plan to assist a friend in sewing one for her little guy who also struggles with sleep.

To all those who were personally a part of this gift to us


We are blessed to be resting calmly under our plastic pellets, and when i say we, i mean WE because everyone in the house seems to find a little extra weight very comforting.

Final Post Note : i have wondered what would happen if i took the blanket away for a night. Over Mother’s Day we traveled to Grandma’s house and i forgot our 9 pounds of  magic. That mistake got us four and a half  hours of restless, fitful, anxious sleeplessness…for Blessing and for this tired old mamma. We Love our Blanket !!

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