Blessed~Dress Rehearsal

may 16, 2014 by Nama

i loved my mamma years of  Star War figures and football cards, but there is nothing like an ocean of Pixie Ballerinas in a rainbow of tutus to put a smile on your face.IMG_0493 (3)

Last evening as i drove Blessing to dress rehearsal #3 she said , very seriously…

“Mom, I need to talk to you about something.”

 “Okay, what is it?”

 “Could you please not be THAT mom, that is at the front of the stage taking pictures?”IMG_0534 (3)

“i am sorry if that is hard for you, but no, i cannot, NOT be THAT mom . Your daddy works very hard to give you dance , we are very proud of you and we DO get to have pictures.”IMG_0645 (2)

“Come on mom, i just really need you to be a normal mom ! ” (i hear this alot)

IMG_0660 (2)

Sorry sweet girl, we detoured off the path of normal so long ago i can’t even remember where normal was taking us or why we wanted to go there.IMG_4400 copy tummy grass8x8

i miss this little blonde ballerina IMG_0640 (2)but what joy to watch Kaydra pass along all she has learned at MDU.

A portion of that joy was directly related to the impossibility of Kaydra getting all 15 of these little guys to do anything she asked them to do in synchronization .  Oh. My. Energy… on that stage !!!

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