We Choose

may 19,2014 by Nama

As sure as you will draw your next breath , you will make your next choice.

Nothing is chance, imposed upon us or not of  our choosing. We choose, creating the choices on the other side of our choosing.

For the past two weeks i chose to love this cuteness.IMG_4916

i also chose thisIMG_0686i can not do IT ALL !!

as i rocked Timothy and hummed Jesus Loves You, Little One,


Blessing’s dance recital costumes piled high on the empty chair in the kitchen after each dress rehearsal.

We did a little less reading in our homeschool but…
IMG_4908Kaydra got to snuggle her newest nephew for a moment each day between managing the baristas and teaching her hip hopper’s.IMG_4828Blessing learned to dress Timothy and i delighted in hearing them giggle together. Blessing said at the end of our last day “i am going to miss Timothy so much mamma !”IMG_4937After 100 hours of baby bouncing and bottle warming i didn’t find the energy to get to the flower aisle to pick up blossoms for our Ballerina.IMG_0675

i chose to “upcycle” the least faded from my fading fast Mother’s Day bouquet. i am not proud of this, it is just how it is around here sometimes most of the time.

Timothy’s mommy and daddy have also been making some tough choices. Parker and Kristi are choosing to have Kristi stay home full time with their little guy.

Some have said “Ohhh, they are so lucky, how nice that they get to do that.”

i am not certain they “get to” have Kristi home full time. i am not convinced it is “luck” . We have watched them weigh their options. We have watched them process and seek wisdom and count pennies. From the moment they told us their little surprise was on his way they knew decisions were not going to be easy. They are making the choice to have Kristi at home which more practically means…

They are choosing to live in an older apartment which some considered too small for their little family before we sat down the first box of their belongings. They are choosing to drive cars that end up in Fix It Dad’s repair shop all too often. They are choosing less nights out to Dinner and a Movie. They are choosing secondhand career attire and last years summer sandals for another season. Krisiti Beth is trading in cute and in charge by 8am each day for no shower and “will I ever get out of my PJ’s?” some days. She is choosing to trade scheduled yummy lunch  for a bowl of cold cereal grabbed between nursings. Her promised coffee breaks have all been used up. Kristi is choosing to put in 40 168 hours each week with absolutely no, nada, zero compensation for her committed investment.

They are also choosing for this little man 10363323_10152077949466937_7304429988087403086_n(2)

to know his Mamma’s voice and smile better than anyone elses.

They are choosing to not need this pictureIMG_4912or this text messageIMG_0700to know how their boy is doing today.

His Mommy will be the first one to see this brand new blonde fuss, telling us his big boy hair is going to be just like his Daddy’s.IMG_4929

I will be forever grateful for the 100 hours Parker and Kristi shared Timothy with us.  I could not be happier in knowing the preciousness we have had with this little guy is all his mommy’s from now on. i hope Kristi and Parker will share more of their “why” and “how” in this decision with all of you someday.

Perhaps not every family “can” choose to find a way to have a parent home full time. My heart breaks for single parents, on your own. I know this is not an easy discussion, but many of us do have real options. Many of us could drive fewer cars or older cars or smaller cars, freeing us up to make different choices in other areas. The choices we make today truly do determine the outcome of tomorrow for all those our life’s touch. We choose, and those choices matter.

i stumbled on to this John Piper Book, i suspect it is on the verge of being my new favorite marriage resource. i am obsessed !! You can get a free PDF copy at the above link.

Please consider this quote by Pastor John…

“Marriage is not mainly about prospering economically; it is mainly about displaying the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his church. Knowing Christ is more important than making a living. Treasuring Christ is more important than bearing children. Being united to Christ by faith is a greater source of marital success than perfect sex and double-income prosperity.”

― John PiperThis Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence


We all make them. I would not have chose exhaustion for the past two weeks had i not believed the pay off far outweighed the cost. Helping those around us make the choices they believe in is something we choose to believe in.

What will you choose today? This week ? Please choose to share your thoughts on choices and what you are choosing.



One thought on “We Choose

  1. As Kristi Beth’s big sister can I just confess this post filled me with such pride and joy and also made me bawl. In a good way. 🙂

    Today I chose to have a very, VERY messy house at the end of the day in order to build a super cool rainy day fort for all day fun and to fish Lincoln logs out ff the tOilet. 😉 and I wouldn’t changea thing!


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