Big Day

may 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to this amazing gift!IMG_0708

Our Blessing is 10 today. Each May 21st brings an avalanche of questions….is she really 10? How much did she weigh? Was she really born on the 21st? Was she really born in May? Was she vibrant and strong? Oh what i would give to see a squiggly newborn image of our Beauty.

In Him we Rest , He is writing Blessing’s story and it is beautiful with the details He has chosen to include.

We have a 10 year old and we have a Big day!!!!1238164_10103143007494667_8755854599589405550_n (2) We are headed to MSP airport to pick up these three. Image – our boy, who has to stay in California to pay the bills. 2:50pm, Sun Country=can not wait to hug Melissa, Kings and Rae.

IMG_3002We get to visit Legoland and have dinner with this big brother.IMG_0750We spent two hours making this crazy candy ball party game ~i’ll show you how later.IMG_0762Grandma Lovegreen and our Cody (actually Kaydra’s Cody) baked and decorated the cupcakes 
IMG_0761with a little help from this concentrator for Blessing’s Big party Thursday evening.

My Man wrote something i hope to share tomorrow and

Friday i hope to share lots of cuteness, celebration and thanksgiving for all of the Blessing we have been granted this week in this home.

Full Heart, Full schedule, need want Coffee!

Please have an amazing day loving those you have been blessed to invest in today.

For the record, our Blessing “styled”, on her own, the first image in this post. She asked for a photo shoot, and struck the pose all on her own. We also have this image of her from this week…IMG_0770

which comforts my Mamma heart and gives me hope for our teen years.


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