Blessed~Babies and Birthdays

may 23, 2014 by namaIMG_0786 (2)

Our Blessing turned 10 on Wednesday, we started our day of celebration with Aldi’s Cinnamon Spirals.

IMG_4975 (2)We headed to the airport in Minneapolis to collect our California Grandbabies and their mamma. On the way we stopped at Lark Toys (i love this place) to ride a Giraffe and kiss a fish + eat ice cream.

IMG_4996 (2)

Our California jewels arrival means this beaming Nama and Pappa (at work) had our 4 jewels together for the very first time Thursday Morning. Bliss! IMG_4985 (2)After the airport we met our Nick at the Mall of America for more birthday hoopla, then stopped for dinner with an amazing young couple in Minneapolis, they did their part to sugar up our birthday girl with a box of 100 lollipops.

IMG_0792 (2)It was box cupcakes, Aldi pizza and FRIENDS Thursday evening to celebrate our big 10 year old.  From here on out things were practically perfect, when our Jewels are all in our nest you have a tough time convincing me there is anything worth fretting about.IMG_0804 (2)

 IMG_0912 (2)Our guests enjoyed the  plastic wrap treasure ball as much as i had hoped. WARNING : Adorable children become vulture like when treats and competition are involved.IMG_0821 (3)

Our Tiny Timothy turned two months this week, we celebrate him everyday.

IMG_0827 (2)Our Finley gets a bit concerned when she has to share her Nama and Pappa.IMG_0835 (2)With just a little time to adjust Finley was happy to share “her” books with Kingston.IMG_4997 (2)Aunty Sissa meets Timothy.IMG_5006 (2)Lots of snuggles when Pappa walks in the back door. “Pappa” “Pappa” “Pappa”

Our home is full, our hearts explode, our Blessing is blossoming into a beautiful Lego building big girl. We are Blessed beyond anything we could have imagined. We do not take a moment for granted, we serve a gracious loving Father.

We are Grateful!IMG_0924

i am off to build the Lego Dolphin Cruiser with my Blessing, Parker and Timothy, snuggle babies and run into the Frosty Mug for Friday night ice cream.

Please have an amazing weekend focusing on your abundant blessings.


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