Blessed~Our Clan

may30, 2014 by nama


One of the big challenges that came with adopting when our first four children were older has been the change it brought to our family structure.  When Blessing came home at 15 months old our first four were 10, 13, 17 and 18.  That was easy, an adorable new baby fits anywhere and causes little adjustment to relationships.  As Blessing grew and became more active, boisterous and creative the adjustments it has required  have been more measurable and at times “costly” than we had foreseen.  Our adult children rarely get “adult” time with mom and dad.  There is not a lot of sitting in the quiet living room, sipping something and talking deep theology here, or when the conversion does go deep,  Blessing is not easily included, there is no pack of playmates to run with while the adults are all serious.  Our adult children have to parent with a busy, filled with ideas 10 year old in the mix every time they bring their babies to Nama and Pappa’s.  We are their babies’  Grandparents, at the very same time we are also Blessing’s parents.  When they spat, or don’t want to share or Blessing walks off with their newborn as if he is a dress up dolly our adult children have to process their reaction and how they handle those things through many blurry filters.

One of the biggest blessings we get from the gift of adding a tiny to our home so late in life is watching the generations work it out and do life together.  Everyone has to be less self focused.  Everyone has to consider additional layers of needs and desires.  Everyone gets to give a little more.  Everyone gets to learn and grow and know the blessing of  HIS refinement in a deeper way.

Blessed to be a nest with so many layers of Love built into it.


This series of pictures makes me smile.  Watch the moving relationship.


 This is our third son Parker with his newborn Timothy building girl Legos with Blessing.


Timothy !


Blessing… “Hmmmmm  ‘.


      “I don’t quite get it.”


 “Ohhhhhh, I see.”

I love Lego Friends (girl Legos), where were these when our first princess was little?

Photo Tip: Because as you have noticed, i am such a pro ; ),  take a series of 10-20 pictures of the exact same frame.  The capture of still shot relationships can be so much more fun than a video.

We send our California three back to their daddy and husband tomorrow, there will be lots of grandbaby+ Aunty fun here today, Pappa took the day off.

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