The Everyday Extraordinary

june3, 2014 by nama

She hugged me good-bye and said thank you six hours ago.  i said, “No.  Thank you for the gift of your today.”

We planned to do the everyday together.  Tasks needed to be completed.  Beads weighed and measured.  Straight lines drawn and wavering lines sewn.

Six hours after goodbye i wandered to the untidy kitchen to fill a bedside glass of water.  i spot the abandoned tea party, i savor the refreshment, treasure the truth and rejoice in the friendship.

Tea-time //

I linger in the encouragement.

I marvel at His plan, doing the ordinary together.  Finding the extraordinary hidden in the hurts of honest hearts, woven into the words of  willing women, sewn into the deepest fibers of seeking souls.

Tea-time //

The little girls had raspberry “Tea” in big girl china. 

The mammas had strong coffee in everyday stoneware.

We shared strawberries,  blueberries and pretzel thins with havarti.

The little girls played baby dolls and wanted to swim.

The mammas talked of their babies and wanted guarantees.

Tea-time (3)

The little girls asked for more sugar.

The mammas asked for more hope and courage.

Nine hours of ordinary intended to accomplish planned projects.

Tea-time //

Nine hours of extraordinary.

Nine hours of hope for tomorrow, next week and 30 years from now.

Nine hours that linger and bless long after the ordinary called us back to lists, tasks, texts and time watching.

She says she prayed and the Lord gave her a mentor.  i say, my Lord knew i had  much to learn and she would teach me.

We don’t lunch, shop, fashion one another or plan day trips and girls nights out.

We do life, we cry, we step over the toys and push aside the pile of mending to make room for a second sewing machine.

Watch for the chance to let your ordinary become extraordinary.

Strawberries and Tea-Time //

Slow down enough to rinse the berries and share them with someone who has time to listen, or needs to be heard.

Pause, listen and learn, the extraordinary is waiting in the quiet of the everyday.

It is easy to miss in the business of one more game, important studies and scheduled relationships.

The good is not always HIS best, the everyday may be where He wants to give you His most beautiful.

Weighted Blankets

Our planned project will be shared in tomorrow’s post.

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