Being a Family

june 5, 2014 by nama

Yesterday i had an appointment that conflicted with my daycare bus schedule.


Our Sweet Kristi Beth offered to wake her Timothy and drive to our house to handle the bus loading situation.

Our kind and caring (Blessing’s words) Tiffany said yes to playing with Blessing for hours, freeing me up to make my appointment without my 3 ring circus.

While relaxing for hours getting my hair cut, colored and styled, i read Melissa Marie’s latest post at  The Fischer Family blog.  i was simultaneously humbled and filled with pride as i soaked in our children’s hearts of surrender and trust.  Click the turquoise link and read Melissa’s words, you will be challenged and encouraged.

Proverbs 31:28 says “They will rise up and Bless her.”

These girls are gifts, they bless me, they are brand new at this business of  being a family and they are doing it like Rock Stars, (i wish i could make those words sparkle and flash).

Hillary Rodham Clinton says it takes a village to raise a child. I say, it is beautiful when that village just happens to also be FAMILY.


Blessing to Boot…

those three girls have given us these 4 Jewels

Family-photo-funny.jpg //

Our little King is discouraged because for 20 minutes he has been obediently doing this

IMG_1124 (2).jpg king

waiting for those little girls to get a grip (the baby girls are both very sick, plus Fin doesn’t like grass and it is touching her toes)


so he may run and play football with his Pappa and Uncles. (note to daddy in California, Kings is not sassing Nama)


Does Black and White improve the situation at all?

I have a large gallery of this attempt at a picture of  Nama, Pappa and the four.  On a day when i have nothing to say stop the chatty chat chat i will share them with you.

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