Blessed~Taste of Liberia

june 6, 2014 by nama 

i often grieve all that we do not know about Blessing’s beginning months.

Blessing came home when she was 15 months old.  As we treasure our Grandbabies, three of whom have passed their 15 month birthdays, i am constantly reminded of all we missed, all Blessing missed in those crucial first months of her development.  One very precious gift we have is a set of  images shared with us by a young lady who served as a short term missionary in Blessing’s orphanage months before we traveled to Liberia to bring Blessing home.

blessing-mango-africa.jpg  //

That little tiny bundle being held with the thick tuft of hair on her bald little head is our Blessing.

When i traveled to the orphanage in 2005, i was told that Blessing was referred to as Frisky~O by the nannies.

blessing-mango-africa.jpg  //

  We did not see the “Frisky~O” in our Blessing until months after she had come home, apparently the transition was so traumatic she was “shut down” for a long period of time before we saw the Blessing we now know and adore.  I am guessing that big boy got her bite of mango.

blessing-mango-africa.jpg  //

As it turns out, our big girl Blessing is obsessed with mango.

blessing-mango-africa.jpg  //

She loves to peel them and eat the entire thing skewered on this long grill fork.  I don’t even bother asking.

blessing-mango-africa.jpg  //

Apparently the counter is too high to work on and that trash can right behind the chair doesn’t work either. It is so much easier to treasure the “blessing” in all of this when i reflect on our little tiny Blessing in Liberia fighting for another bite of mango, how thankful i am that she is making mango mess in our kitchen.

blessing-mango-africa.jpg  //

I am so thankful for all the tiny peices to Blessing’s story we are allowed to know.  His plan is perfect, knowing our girl knew the sweetness of mango as a little tiny is one perfect gift he has granted.

blessing-mango-africa.jpg  //

Is this as creepy to you as it to me?

 1 plastic baggie, 1 eaten clean mango pit, fill with warm water and leave on kitchen counter till it “Grows more yummy fruit mamma!”.

Cuz i know you have been wondering how to do that.

4 thoughts on “Blessed~Taste of Liberia

  1. It is sometimes hard to connect the Blessing we know and adore with those big brown eyes we see in the orphanage pictures. I love seeing her world before she became “ours”…can’t help but wonder where the rest of the mango eating clan ended up. Each of the kids have a story. So amazed to see how Ble’s is turning out!


    • Thank you for popping over here and reading our ponderings Liz. My exact heart, each and everyday, where are all of Blessing’s little friends? We are so thankful you think of our Blessing as “ours”.


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