If i had my Wish

june 9, 2014 by nama

If i had my wish…

Every wife would know she is cherished and loved.

Every husband would feel respected and strong.

If i had my wish, it would all be happily ever after, and the director would yell “cut” when life took a tough turn.

We don’t all live on Rodeo Drive and happily ever after looks very different in this neck of the woods than on the big screen.

i have walked many years next to one so dear i sometimes wonder if i could feel the pain as deeply as she ?  No, i could not.

i feel profound sorrow for how sweet it can be here next to how hard it can be there.

There are no easy answers.  There are not quick fixes.  The cost is high.  The commitment must be deep to choose one more day.  It takes everything to choose to fix your eyes on the covenant made rather than the hopelessness felt.

If i had my wish, i would sprinkle fresh hope where the once abundant hope of  “I Do” is now hard to find.Marriage-commit-forever  //namafish.com


There can be no clauses, no what ifs or opt-outs.  It must be 100%+100% forever because we said “Till Death Do Us Part”.

Marriage-commit-forever  //namafish.com


There are books written, professionals trained, experts and the experienced available.  We have to talk and if we don’t know how we have to learn.

Marriage-commit-forever  //namafish.com


We will as we listen more, as we soften our hearts, ask, care and surrender our list.

Marriage-commit-forever  //namafish.com


Forgive before we get out of  bed each morning.  Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Marriage-commit-forever.jpg  //Namafish.com

  It is not easy.

Marriage-commit-forever.jpg  //Namafish.com

It is oh so worth it, and i suspect the best is yet to come.

Till Death do us part

We Choose Happily Ever After

Our Why and How of Marriage


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