Blessed~His Grace

june 13,2014 by nama

i find myself very vulnerable to discouragement and hopelessness when i crack the gate of my thoughts to self-doubt.  More specifically…spiritual self-doubt.

“Did i do it wrong?”

“What did i do wrong?”

“Am i doing enough?”  i am capable of losing my peace, joy, motivation and sleep being caught in the futile round-a-bout of trying to sort it all out so i might get it all “right”.  Just the right tiny whisper in my busy little mind of  “You messed that up!” or “This is really all your fault, you failed!”  And i can spiral into a miserable state of  “i am such a mess-up, i will never be capable of pleasing my Heavenly Father?”

John Piper shared the amazing Truth of God’s word this morning in a way that illuminates the very sad lie and destruction i surrender to when i allow those lies to have a place in my heart and mind.  Please read Pastor John’s full (very short) encouragement at Solid Joys.

The title of today’s reading asks the question…

Who killed Jesus?

 He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? (Romans 8:32)

Are you kidding me?  i doubt that Love?  The kind of love that caused My Heavenly Father to give his very son’s life that i might have full rich forgiven life.

 This verse is the most precious verse in the Bible to me because the foundation of the all-encompassing promise of God’s future grace is that the Son of God bore in his body all my punishment and all my guilt and all my condemnation and all my blame and all my fault and all my corruption, so that I might stand before a great and holy God, forgiven, reconciled, justified, accepted, and the beneficiary of unspeakable promises of pleasure forever and ever at his right hand.    By John Piper

 i’ve never really questioned my eternal forgiveness and security, that is easier for me.  He loves me, He provided a way, i am blessed with eternal life.

But the daily Grace He has lavished on me, that’s tougher for me to settle into. The grace He pours out because He knew i would mess-up, because He knew i would need to be reconciled, justified and accepted daily. The daily cleansing by His son’s blood, the forgiving myself, laying it down and moving back into the freedom and joy of his unspeakable promises of pleasure for today.  Accepting, settling into and living that Grace is harder for me.

Today i will dwell on his promise..

 He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? (Romans 8:32)

 i will rest in His Love and gracious gifts when i disappoint man, when i choose my agenda over His direction, when i fail and i am fully aware that it is i who missed the mark.

My gracious Heavenly Father took care of all my mess-ups long before I was here to do the messing up.  He gave his one and only son to free me from the muck of my human failing.  It really is the saddest thing that i choose to wallow in the failures when He has given me every good thing I need to know  Solid Joys today and every day.


The sun is shining, the breeze is cool, the birds are chirping.

I will mess-up, the pain of this fallen world will be apparent and felt.


I have a gracious Loving Father who has got my back.

Eyes on Him, I’m off to treasure His freedom and Joy.

Join me?

Yes!  Please?

It’s a beautiful place to hang.


And just because i love pictures and i think you do too, a photo peek at our week…

summer-fun-family-babies.jpg  //


summer-fun-family-babies.jpg  //

Finley goes to very few people if Nama and Pappa are around, she happily went to our guest, we think it may be because our friend looks like Finley’s Favorite, Blessing.


Our friend’s youngest is just weeks younger than Finley.  Friends.

summer-fun-family-babies.jpg  //

This makes me smile, a lot !

summer-fun-family-babies.jpg  //

Over the top, this one, always Over-The-Top! (she had her own gift card)



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