I absolutely adore this little Library, it is so much more right exactly as it is so much less.

ImageThis little golden locks has gotten exactly everything she wanted all week long with one aunty, a Nama, a Pappa ,Mamma and Daddy all to herself. Sharing Bluemoon, Blessing’s favorite.

ImageApron curtains and the best Rueben in the North woods.


Strolling Boulder Junction where we found this little guy …..


Who made us feel like our Kaydra and her Cody were with us but also miss them more at the very same time.ImageWhen we are in the hustle of home these PJ shorts just need to be put away, in the quiet of the woods they remind me how much I ache for Africa and I am more grateful for our tiny African Treasure, Blessing.ImageWhen we are at home this chaos of our little makes me crazy, today it was easier to just be grateful she found shirts and pants and got herself out to the truck without a lot of hub-bub.ImageThis gorgeous little blossom has found it’s perfect place to bloom among the toughest of conditions.  May I be so wise and willing.Image

ImageI I have continued to fight for fitness over fifty even on vacation because…..well it is necessary. 
ImageFinley’s first words each morning, Ble Ble ??

the library is closing in 5 minute, says the kind little lady with the permed hair.

I am refreshed and refocused, there has been a lot about forgiveness happening in this too hurried heart and I need to press publish now.

It appears from my limited viewing some of my images did not load, I’ll catch up when we are back home , as well as share some of what Piper, Lewis and Bonhoeffer have been rattling my cage about.


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