Fighting For Fitness after Fifty

July 2014 by Nama

I am constantly in a battle with my love of food and my hate for exercise.

I am fully committed to fighting for fitness for several reasons.

Fitness-nutrition-running-warrior-dash-.jpg  //

 This girl has a lot of energy and needs a mamma that is at the least, trying to keep up.

grandkids-sew-dress-funny-bad.jpg //

i absolutely cherish the gift of getting to love these littles, each day of aging is going to make it tougher for me to keep up with the big ones and lug around the tiny ones.

 i am a wimp at self-control and discipline.  i want to eat what i want and when i want to eat.  i am lazy and selfish, i don’t want to do anything that i do not feel like doing, i always feel like a cozy corner with an iPad. i never feel like a “refreshing” run or strength building Pilates.  Fitness is a perfect and important area for me to work on the disciplines of self-control, obedience and moderation.

 i committed to a heart of contentment in January of 2014.  My Motto is “Being Thankful for all we have already been blessed with, we need nothing more!”  If i am going to be content with the clothes i already own, it would be ideal if the clothes fit.  i see no reason to spend $ on new things when nutrition choices and a long walk can fix my problem.

My first daughter in law, Melissa, started a Facebook group for accountability and encouragement in this area.  60 day challenge!  You will find it on my FB wall if you are interested in joining.  i posted my goals on the group page not realizing they would show up in the public news feed. That was awkward!  If you did not see my goals on Facebook, here they are:

1. Run 3 days a week, i am using a training app to be ready for the Warrior Dash on August 2nd, Pilates 2 days a week. 30 minutes a day is all i will give to structured exercise. Unless it is a long chatting walk, than i will walk for hours

2. No sugar, no refined wheat products.

3. Eat only when i am hungry, only until i am satisfied.

4. Have fun and be super excited about looking and feeling great!

As i already mentioned in goal #1, i signed up to do the Warrior Dash on August 2nd with 5 other women.  This looks like sooooo much fun, check it out!  Clarification:  My hate for exercise and my “this looks so fun!” are not conflicting. i hate the disciplined exercise, i love the adventure, friendship and conquering of an event like this.  The anticipation of  the event will make my daily commitment to “move it, move it” more doable.

The results i am hoping for are, i plan to fit back into my “already” clothes.

i expect to move towards looking cuter for My Man and for this girl’s big day in 11 months.

Fitness-nutrition-running-warrior-dash-.jpg //namafish.comThis is not the dress we bought, she was gorgeous in every single gown!

 i know i will feel so much better very soon, more energy, clearer thinking and happy, happy, happier!

i hope dragging you along on my fitness fight will up my level of commitment.  i will let you know how that works out for me as the days tick by.  Let me know if you are jumping on our band wagon, my Melissa will add you to the challenge group if you are interested.

Ty and Tiff invited us to pick strawberries this morning.  We needed a reason to skip swim team on this cloudy cool day, perfect!Fitness-nutrition-running-warrior-dash-.jpg // IMG_5360 IMG_5361

A little attitude from my girl because Ty and Tiff picked more than us.

IMG_5362 IMG_5363

This is what Ble and i managed to pick, no applause necessary.

Fitness-nutrition-running-warrior-dash-.jpg //

Won’t you be my neighbor?  This little house is going on the market soon.  Mature half-acre with lots of room to expand, immaculately maintained, 3 bedrooms, great yard and it comes with a bonus Nama 3 blocks down the street. i don’t know the sellers, i have no connection with the house, just recruiting fun neighbors.










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