Adoption Lovin

IMG_4997 (2)July 2014 by Nama reposting Melissa

Here is the latest update on Travis and Melissa’s adoption journey.  This Nama jumps on the roller coaster right behind them and what a joyful exciting ride it is.  Please read Learning to Wait by Melissa       and pray if your hearts have been drawn to their journey.

Nama and Pappa’s prayer list:

Please pray for…

The health and development of  our third little California Fisch.

The biological Mamma of this little one as she nurtures the baby’s little life and makes a very significant and difficult choice.

The perfect timing for the arrival of this little one.

For the finances needed to give a family to this little life.

Preparation and adjustment for Travis, Melissa, Kingston and Raena.


NON-adoption prayer request:  Our Tylor and Tiffany are waiting for the arrival of their little boy towards the end of August.  Please pray for health for Tiffany and Baby Boy Fisch as well as the adjustment process for their little family.



Also…Our friends adopting two special needs children from China jump on that plane early tomorrow morning.  Please pray them to China and back.  If you stalk my Facebook page there are more details over there.

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