To Tree or Not To Tree

July 10, 2014 by Nama

i like trees a lot.  Perhaps i love trees, although someone once told me you should not love anything other than your Lord and Saviour + people, after which i spent an entire season of my mothering years using the phrase “we like it a lot!”  i’m pretty sure i love trees.

tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //

This tree was very little when we bought this lot 24 years ago.  We have watched it grow as we have watch our children grow.  The triplet trunks sheltered a beautiful hosta/fern shade garden.  The big tree shades the east side of our home, specifically Tim and my bedroom, that’s nice.

tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //

Tim does not like trees as much as i do, unless he is sitting in one watching for deer.  Maybe he likes trees but he does not like the falling dead branches and maintenance.  Apparently this particular variety of tree was highly prone to constant branch dropping, i wouldn’t know, i hadn’t picked any up.

tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //

About two months ago Tim asked me, “Do you think we should  cut that tree down?”  At this point, he had been in the front yard with one of our sons for a good hour and a half throwing  football and eyeing the tree,  i was pretty certain the chainsaw was already fueled up.  i think to myself,  “Why would you ask me that? You know how i love trees! Do you think there is any chance i will want to cut that tree down?”  i asked “Why would i want to cut down that tree?”  The reasons for removing the tree covered a wide spectrum of logic from it is messy and in our way when we play football to it is dying, it will fall on our bedroom and it will kill you.

tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //

These guys were all about taking down the triplets.

tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //

This girl was on my side at first;  ” That tree is my memories daddy.” but did a stinkin fast about-face once the trunks started falling.

Here is the deal guys…we have been known to fight about this kind of stuff.  We have assumed the other one didn’t care about “my” needs, or hear “my” desires.  “He always wants to cut down my trees!”  “She always has to make it difficult and complicated!”  Tim is a wise man, he allowed the chainsaw and the discussion to rest for a good stretch.  i adjust slowly, i need time to surrender and vent.  i told you, i love my trees!  It was a fun process to hear the world discuss the tree’s demise, opinions fell right down the middle.  No right or wrong.  So many things we allow to divide us are just like that…they just don’t matter.  i wanted my tree, he wanted his nightmare gone.

tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //

What do you do with that?

A long time ago i was keeping score as to who had given more when i heard this challenge…”if you are going to keep score, keep score to see if you can out give everyone in your world, stop counting what other’s have or haven’t given you but check the balances to see if there is just a little more time, energy or love that you can give to someone else.”

tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //

So this is our clean wide open view of  Oak Street now.

One friend asked ” are you sad about your tree?”  Another said ” I am sorry about your tree!”

 i still am not certain if the tree was a serious threat to my life or if it was an inconvenience but my man is happy, we have lots of bonfire wood and these two came to hang out a couple of evenings so their daddies could play Paul Bunyan with their Pappa.  i think i win.

tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //


tree-chainsaw-summer-trust-family-fun.jpg  //



Kissin Cousins

2 thoughts on “To Tree or Not To Tree

  1. I love trees (duh! went to school for forestry :)). Can’t believe how different your yard looks now. And really can’t believe how much shade we were getting in our yard from your mess makers. I maybe should have had the boys over on your side of the road more often picking up branches to help Tim with his nightmare…oh well…too late now…but don’t be surprised if you see us planting a tree in our yard sometime soon! Too much hot sun in our house now!


  2. Thank you for reading, Liz. I would never have thought of the shade coming to your yard. Now I wish we could see the afternoon shadow it cast all those growing years. I will enjoy from my yard any new trees you plant.


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