July 11, 2014 by Nama

blessed-dyslexia-special needs-flowers-adoption-teach.jpg  //

As the sun was sinking in the west Blessing and i went for a bike ride to the big playground.  We pedaled passed fields filled with flowers and wheat (i think).

 “Mamma, you know what i wish? i wish i could pick all those flowers for you!”

We parked our bikes on the porch just as the sun was settling in.

“Could we take a scissors Mamma and go get some flowers for you?”

blessed-dyslexia-special needs-flowers-adoption-teach.jpg  //

As we walked back to find a vase, “I think daddy and i should always get you flowers this way, don’t you think picked flowers have more love than store flowers?”

Blessing forces me to slow down, to leave the to do list and cell phone, to feel the magic of field flowers and sunset pedaling.


blessed-dyslexia-special needs-flowers-adoption-teach.jpg  //

On my reading table, or in this case the back porch because apparently only “natural light” pictures are “good” pictures. So many rules in this life.  Prepping for our new school year, i have taught our children for 25 years and this is homeschool mamma 101 for me.  Feel free to add us to your prayer list.  Blessed to be trusted with this little one, Blessed to have time and energy to commit to the journey, Blessed to know HE has a plan that i can not see but that i can trust.

Speaking of Adoption and Blessed…

blessed-dyslexia-special needs-flowers-adoption-teach.jpg  //

Continue to pray for the Rigelsky family, all 11 of them.  Meet Worthy, their newest addition.  Joe and Sami are local friends, they have 6 bio children, care for a little guy in Haiti and are presently in China picking up their two newest; Worthy, 5-year-old dollie with Down Syndrome and this Sunday they will get their Son, 5-year-old Gospel also with Down Syndrome.  From Sami’s Facebook wall:   So, we are now in Gospel’s province!! Guangzhou, Guangdong. We just got to our new hotel. Haven’t had wifi for a while….kinda nice . Anyway, the flight was great. Joe slept. I prayed through turbulence. Worthy played, cuddled, snoozed and ate. Bet you will notice something different about this airplane selfie . Thankful to have a week done. Two weeks until the family is all together. In the mean time I’m breathing this all in deep.


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