This Profound Honor Is Each of Ours

 July 23, 2014 by Nama
Religion that God the Father accepts as pure and without fault [undefiled] is this: caring for orphans and widows ,who need help [in their trouble/distress/persecution], and keeping yourself  free from the world’s evil influence.
James 1:27

We have had the immeasurable JOY of walking alongside a young family who are right smack dab in the middle of a miracle.  A miracle that requires sacrifice, that requires death to self  and letting go of safety.  A miracle that keeps them clinging to their Jesus in a powerful way.  A miracle of redemption and healing and rebuilding, of Love and commitment and our Lord’s beautiful unfolding plan of blessing.


Sami and Joe are at this moment trusting for delayed Visa’s and the flights they need to bring their newest two home to the six they have waiting here. Beautifully sacrificial!

Our Lord’s words in James make it crystal clear that we are all called to consider and surrender to how we might be used to bring our Lord’s love to the orphan.
I would not say Tim and i were passionate about adoption before our Blessing brought abundant blessing to our home.  We were willing, seeking children. We were following our Heavenly Father with many questions and much trepidation.
Our passion has been birthed out of the miracle we have seen our Lord work in our hearts, our family, our home through our simple faltering obedience to HIS call that we would care for the orphan.

Kaye and Blessing in our driveway within minutes of arriving home from Africa, surrounded by an ocean of friends who lovingly supported our choice to give Blessing a home.

You see, our Blessing did not need us.  Our Lord was caring for that tiny beautiful baby in that African Orphanage just fine without any Fischer involvement.  Our Lord could have just as easily snatch our sweet Blessing out of her suffering and illness to her eternal home.  Our Lord could have swept her up into his physical arms and given her complete healing and wholeness and security in a moment’s time.  Blessing’s Loving Heavenly Father could have gifted another lucky family with our little package of energy.  But…our Lord knew we ( the Fischer 6 already here) needed Blessing in our world.  He knew we needed to learn and grow and serve and sacrifice in a way that only he could orchestrate through the miracle of adoption.  We are privileged to have been called and immeasurably blessed by the journey our Lord has mapped for us.  We can not all go and bring home and parent and do sleepless nights and developmental challenges.  Each of our calls will look different.  We are all called and we all have the immense privilege of entering into miracle territory when we say, ” Yes Lord!  What would you have me do?”  We can all pray, we can all encourage, send a note, and care about the challenges involved.  Some of us will be privileged to do 3 am feedings and some of us will be privileged to cook a meal or clean a bathroom for the new family.  The good news is that we all get to ask, ” What is your plan to use our family, our home or our resources to care for your orphans and widows?”  We all have been given the honor of caring for HIS orphans and widows.   Don’t miss out!!  Ask, listen for the whisper and obey.  We all need the challenges and Blessings this command brings to each of our worlds.  Our Father has commanded because of  HIS deep and limitless love for us.  He wishes to bless us through the richness of caring for his precious ones.
 Our oldest son, Travis and his beauty Melissa are praying they will be given the privilege of parenting a third child brought to their family through adoption, you can follow their story Here.  Please pray for our 6th grand baby and our Lord’s perfect plan for bringing Travis and Melissa’s family and the biological mamma and baby together.  Pray for our Lord’s timing, provision,protection, encouragement and guidance for all involve.

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