Meet Our Precious Fifth Jewel

August 19, 2014 by Nama


August 16, 2014

Newborn-life-grand baby-hope-Wyatt Beau//

 7 pounds 14 ounces – 20 inches long- Perfect in every way

This little man showed up at just exactly the perfect time.

He came 4 days before his predicted arrival date, he brought with him a flood of hope as only new life can give. He filled our world with sunshine just exactly as things had become broken and dark in our little Fisch pond.

i will forever be in awe of our Lord’s meticulous timing and attention to details.

Our Wyatt Beau will forever be a reminder of the hope and joy he carried into our hearts with his quick and easy arrival at just exactly the moment we needed to be reminded of our great redeemer’s Love and healing power.


Wyatt made his way into our arms as his mamma and daddy watched the Minnesota Vikings, the nurses promptly fit little Beau with a Viking beanie to Pappa’s delight.

image Wyatt looks so very much like his big sister Finley Rose we are pretty certain the Master Creator said, she was a really great idea, I’ll give them a blue one also.

imageFinley and Wyatt also were both born on the 16th of their birthday months.


 Our Finley’s first snuggles with Baby Brother Beau.


This girl loves being an auntie and what a great auntie she is!


 Sharing lots of pictures and video of Wyatt Beau with Uncle Travis, Aunty Sissa, Kingston and Raena in California.

We are Blessed beyond our understanding by our Children and our Children’s children !


Wyatt Beau, our newest Crowning Jewel !

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