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August 21, 2014 by Nama

Blog Business…

Our  computer is locked up, word on the street is that the new daddy is bringing his little family out tonight to give it some attention.  Good news for two reasons, 1. The computer may feel better by tomorrow, 2. Our Finley will be bringing her new little Beau to visit Nama and Pappa’s for the very first time !! Bad news… I am blogging on the ipad, not effective, barely functional …be kind please.

More fun details…

If you read our introduction of Wyatt Beau on Tuesday (i can’t get a link to work on here) , did you notice this picture


Is of our Finley Rose almost two years ago and this picture

imageIs of our Wyatt Beau, if you want to see more of how much Wyatt is from Finley’s cookie cutter, flip back to Tuesday for more pictures of our newest Jewel . Last night their mamma and daddy told us they didn’t even catch that we had slipped in a picture of big sister .   In the midst of all this amazing Blessing and Joy we are learning to know our Lord and Saviour in a solid , new and unshakable way.

There have been many many times I have wondered …what will I believe “if” ?  There is a nagging list of losses and hurting which I would prefer we never experience.  Those things, on that list would be my “IFS” .  If this happens, if we lose that, if we or ours are hurt in this way what will I believe? Who will i believe my God to be?  Will my God be enough?  If you know me at all , you know i am quick to say, “Run to Jesus, He is enough !”  I have known i believe this with all my heart, but I have wondered, do I really believe? What if ?

I am here this morning to tell you, I do and He is !!

Our Lord and Saviour is enough for all of your IFS !

My mind says if I could show you the sad, if I could share the details you too would ” have to ” believe, but my heart knows , only you can choose to believe. We each have to choose for ourselves to lay down the “what ifs”, and the over thinking and the running from pain only to find ourselves in deeper darker pain.

Choose to believe, choose to stop running, stop questioning and trying to figure !!

We are all fine, we will all be fine. We will be more than fine because HE promises, what looks like breaking is actually remaking.  We do not serve a repairer…we serve the almighty , knowing and Loving Redeemer.

Choose today  to rest in HIS hope , give HIM your sad today and allow HIM to turn the ashes into something beautuful.

One week ago our world changed suddenly, we have found a bigger, more loving redeeming Saviour.

One week from today our California Kids will be here.  We will have all of our kids and  babies in our pond for the first time.  Uncle Travis will meet Timothy, all 4 will meet little Wyatt , we wallow in rich abundance !!

Our Lord is worthy of your Love, devotion and worship.

Trust me.

i know that i know!






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