BLESSED~in Pictures

TravisAugust 29, 2014 by Nama

One of my brightest blessings in this season is being allowed to help with the wedding dreams of our Kaydra and Cody. imageWe are busy working on Kaydra’s veil .imageOur Bride with our first 50 Hydrangea blossoms. We hope to harvest and dry hundreds, or a batrillizillion. imageWe are repurposing lots and lots of throw aways…so much fun !imageThis is my inspiration for my mother of the bride look.  Do with that what you may.

image     And then there is this…oh my exploding heart!!!imageTravis and Melissa flew in on Wednesday for a very special family wedding. Travis met Timothy for the first time and all 4 Cali Fisch met Wyatt.imageimage

These three don’t even have to say hi, they just start loving each other.  Maybe there is  a lot I could learn from them.imagePappa and I call these two our twins…absolutely love having them together.imageCan you imagine a God who saved a tiny sick 15 month old from certain loss a million worlds away to bring her to us so she could be the best aunty ever to these 5 .

I can.

Live can be hard, live is hard.

Recently it “could be” easy to see the weeds that are fighting to choke out the beauty of HIS garden,


HIS masterpiece is beautiful and his promises are firm and it is for me to keep my eyes on Him, His Love and the abundant Blessing he fills our every moment with.

Find your Beautiful Blossoms of Blessing this holiday weekend.



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