9 years ago today…For a Moment Like This

September 10, 2014 by Nama

Blessing Arrives airport September 10 scrap pages 001

Early evening, September 10th 2005 Blessing and i landed at the Minneapolis St.Paul international Airport.

Daddy laid eyes on our newest princess for the very first time.

Blessing Airport September 10 001

i had been traveling for 11 days, Tim and i were not able to communicate and he had no idea if we had made it out of Africa safely or if i had our baby girl.


Blessing was adored by her big Brother’s and Sissy from first glimpse.


Often we hear the words ” That is so amazing that you gave her a home, you are such good people.”

The TRUTH is…

We are such BLESSED people, it is so Amazing that our Lord chose our humble home a million miles away and gave us the honor, privilege and responsibility of nurturing this tiny Blessing.

We are changed in a million ways by the gift of adoption.

We serve a God of Big Dreams, Big Promises and Big Redemption.

We celebrate the gift of our Blessing and our Faithful Father’s Hope for the broken today.

He chose to use our home to give life and health to our Blessing,

He continues to use our Blessing to bring hope and healing to our home.



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