What if i Believed?

October 15,2014 by Nama

What If i believed?

What if i believed God? What if i believed His Word…all of it, all of the time?

1 Samuel 14:6b says… “Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.”

Kaydra, my sweet 19 year old first born daughter, and i sat listening to a bible lesson. This passage of scripture, out of Samuel, popped off the big screen in the family room. Being an Old Testament passage and in the context of a historical “story” my very first inclination was to think “wow, would that be cool? How amazing if you had a promise like that…NOTHING can hinder MY Lord from saving!”

By His Faithful Grace, before I could complete that thought, my loving Father seared my wondering mind and seeking heart with His truth. THAT IS your promise my daughter…yours for today, this moment, this battle and this need.

Do you believe?

Will you obey?

Trust my word and move forward resting in my Faithfulness.

i quietly, quickly mentioned my pondering to Kaydra….. Her response was a precious gift…

“I know mom, actually B_________ and I were just talking about this today… “What if we actually believed God’s word?” “What if we lived each choice, each moment as if we KNEW nothing could Hinder Our God from bringing HIS perfect plan to completion?”

What if we really knew…it does not matter if i have much or if i have OH SO little. NOTHING can hinder my God from saving those He has chosen and redeemed.

I choose to believe!

Do you? Will you?

Will you choose to believe Nothing can Hinder?

Join me as I am off to see what victories HE has already won for me and how He has planned to do much with my minuscule.


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