Twenty One and Two

October 16, 2014 by Nama


Happy Birthday to these two Fisch !!!!

am fully aware the tall, dark and handsome 21 year old is not a “Fisch”, but here is the deal…

1.When one of ours finds their forever love, they instantly become “ours” in Tim and my hearts.

2.If they take the same position in our hearts as those we have “raised” then it seems to me they are in fact “Fisch” on some level.

3.When our first three found their forever love, the boy was a Fischer and the girl took his name so they DID become “our Fisch”. i can not stand leaving our Cody out of that inclusion + it was much easier to win a girl and give her our name than it is to give a daughter and have her take another name so I just make Cody a Fisch and i feel all better.

4.We love this boy to bits and we think of him as exactly one more of our sons…that makes him our 4th Fisch son.

Plus i baked Cody a homemade banana bread cake and cleaned a huge pile of fresh strawberries and pineapple for him today so i’ll call him whatever i want.

Our Finley 2 and Cody 21  share the same birthdate, we celebrated all the day long!

apple orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//Namafish.comWe started with an Apple orchard tour….Farmer Tom taught us much about how apples grow. Did you know that if you plant an apple seed you will get a tree and apples but they will not be the same variety of apple the seed was? They will be weird and most likely yucky. Farmer Tom said so.

apple orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//

we loved the tractors

apple orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//

we took a wagon ride

apple orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//

finney loves her mamma

apple orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//

a school bus for our homeschooled


we drove tractors

apple orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//

and picked pumpkins

apple orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//

Blessing is not quite 4.5 feet tall, and she was very very sad that it was time to leave our orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//Namafish.comIt is pure joy sharing life, parenting and growing in Him with this girl, look at her cute new short hair.


apple orchard-fall-pumpkin-birthday//Namafish.comAfter the orchard we had birthday happy meals and chicken wraps because we are super healthy and classy like that. Finley played in the tunnels for the very first time because she is a big two year old now. Next year Cody will have taken his Mrs. Moses and set off to blaze the trails our Lord has put before them. I can not wait to see where those trails lead and all that our Lord does with their love for one another but even more so their love for the Lord.  Two years ago when little Fin became our second grandchild we would never have guessed today we would celebrate Cody as our soon to be son or that our Fin would be eagerly waiting the arrival of her fifth Fischer cousin. We serve an amazing God who makes everyday worth celebrating.

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