Bringing Baby Home…Which state is Nama Flying to?

October 17, 2014 by Nama

i had the privilege of just buying a one way plane ticket to travel to share the excitement of bringing our 6th Grandbaby home.

Christmas-Pajamas-Grandbaby-santa//namafish.comI also bought 7 pair of Christmas Jammies because we will have a little tiny 6th Grandbaby joining our already 5 and Aunty Blessing by Christmas.

For all of you following along on our adventure, this little one holds more secrets and surprises because of the very special way this tiny gift is coming to our family.  Travis and Melissa are very thoughtfully sharing the details they feel free to share about their newest baby as they feel it is appropriate, they have decided that we get to know what state their little one will be coming home from.

Now all of you can get in on the fun and excitement of getting to know our 6th little Jewel, Travis and Melissa’s 3rd child.

Travis and Melissa are playing a survey game this weekend. They are asking all who know them, love them and are waiting to meet their tiny Christmas Miracle to take a moment , go over to their blog and vote for the state you think their little one will come to us from.

Here is an easy link to their Blog Survey…

Go Vote…..

Read their story…

Please continue to pray for Travis and Melissa, Kingston and Raena as they complete their journey to this little one and prepare for a third child.

Please pray for Baby…health, development, adjustments and bonding as this little one becomes a Fischer.

Please pray for baby’s birth mother, she is a brave and selfless lady to choose adoption for her little one.

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