Run to Your Jesus and be Nice to Your Man

October 20, 2014 by Nama

Marriage by His design is my second deepest heart passion.

To know and love my Saviour, prayerfully pointing others to HIS worthiness is number one.

i come from a home that suffered the hell of divorce twice; i watched my mamma persevere through two marriages that brought unfaithfulness and betrayal as she parented 9 children, primarily alone. Having watched my mom’s heartbreak I headed towards adulthood pleading with my Lord for a marriage that would last, a marriage that would cause others to praise our worthy Lord and Saviour.

As we have found our Lord’s faithfulness enough for the toughest spots in this Happily Ever After of ours, i find myself deeply passionate about cheering on those around me in the area of their marriages.

“Hang in there!”

“Our Lord is enough!”

“Run to your Jesus, He wants to be your everything!”

“Talk to your man, you need to communicate, let him know you are hurting.”

“There is hope, our Jesus will heal!”

As i say these words i am always painfully aware that i have absolutely no clue how difficult a marriage may be, how painful it can feel to wake to another day for my dear friend.

It is not lightly that i repost something like this…


But of these things I am unwaveringly certain…

Our Jesus is enough for all circumstances, He has a plan, He promises good and hope for each and every future.

i can only change me.

If your Lord allowed you to take lifetime vows with this man you call yours, He had a plan for you to do life together until death would part you. He wants to show you that plan, he wants to walk that plan with you.

Soooo when i share this…


It is with a heart of Love and Hope for you my hurting friend.

If it is not easy for you to honor your husband, i plead with you and pray that you will look for the good in your man. i challenge you to ask your Lord to show you just one thing about the man you said “I do “ to that you can honor and esteem.

We have to start somewhere and with ME is a really good place!!

Honor your husband today and tomorrow and the next day.

Let your Lord show you how.

Then expect your Lord to begin a healing work in your heart, marriage and home that will be more than you dare hope for.

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