When Tim’s Away

November 11, 2014 by Nama

Trusting my only Big Brother will have the best birthday so far in his 53 years. Happy Birthday Jon, it is an honor to do this thing called life with a man such as you.


We baked our first Christmas Cookies last night, which was 1. Fun, 2.Sad, because it was our Kaydra’s idea and by the time we got around to it she, being a 4:30 am barista, was so exhausted she had no fun. 3. Proof that Blessing and Cody together with utensils and flour are trouble…always!! 4. Pretty much perfect timing since it did This….


last night !!!

This is the only day in the past 365 that i can not wait for Blessing to wake up.

We also did this….


and i discovered that Cody and Blessing are a perfect fit for this kind of nonsense, they are fun and funny and laugh their faces off.


We have a funny video, but i don’t have video access on NamaFish because it would cost $$$$$, and i would rather adopt precious little babies with our $$$$$. You can see our Hilarious on my Facebook, Mary Kaye Speckeen Fishcer


and this is what CS Lewis had to say this morning, Oh man I love this guy.  Suffering is the way of our Pilgrim’s Progress in this fallen world, but always our Lord will bless us with moments of Christmas Cookies, Snow, Newborn Babies and Puppies in Teddy Bear suits to give us the refreshment we need just exactly when we need it.

No matter what your “suffering” is today, ask your Lord to give you a moment in a pleasant place to refresh and reflect.

Expect it, watch for it and treasure it !!

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