For Such a Time…

November 15, 2014 by Nama

This is it…baby will arrive ANY DAY !!

There are just a few weeks remaining until baby girl’s due date, but as we all know arriving babies do not tend towards checking calendars and the experts last week suspected she may think she should arrive a bit early. Soooooo……..


This is what happens each time i check the adopt together fund raiser because you are an amazing bunch of kind people, also if you look close you can see my new crown on the lower lift side, it’s a beauty and it has changed my eating life, which matters way to much to me.

headbands-baby-girl- //

Nama is sewing headbands for Baby Girl Coffee.

baby-travel-florida-  (1)

Packing suitcases, because when that call comes, i will be so scattered i won’t be reliable to find a suitcase.

baby-travel-florida-  (4) oxyclean-baby-girl //namafish.comNewborn diapers in the changing basket and pink things in Oxy Clean

baby-travel-florida-  (2)

Melissa and Travis are allowing me to help a bit with a recovery package of Love for birth mamma, this is perhaps my sweetest privilege in this journey. Please pray for this precious daughter of our Lord and Saviour. Pray peace and comfort, love and healing for this brave young mamma.


and i am checking this page, oh like …too many times in an hour because i just can not resist the joy of seeing who else has been blessed to join the journey of Bringing Baby Coffee Home.


I was going to spend today celebrating two more precious tiny ones. Two dear friends are becoming Grandmas for the very first time and there are two showers for two baby boys i was so excited to be a part of. Our Blessing has been sick this week, daddy has been gone for 10 days and i decided i needed to stay home and be a mamma for the day. i will love my girls, sew for baby coffee, work on Christmas prep and chat with you a bit.

Ester is one of my all time favorite Bible Girls. The Phase “for such a time as this ” fluttering about my brain this morning us til i finally decide to go to my Bible and read the passage. Look how cool this is guys….

Esther 4:14

For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise from another place, but you will miss the blessing. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” 

We are right in the midst of one of those “For such a Time as This” miracles.

We, you and me, and us, and Travis and Melissa are being given the privilege of providing our Lord’s relief for a young mamma who wants all the best for her tiny baby girl but has no means to give that right now. We get to be a part of the deliverance from satan’s attempt to destroy this little life, this mamma’s world. We…. ,at this moment, OVER 100 have joined the mission on the Adopt together page. That doesn’t’ even begin to account for all those who have joined the journey in a million other ways!!!

If you know this little life is a part of our Lord’s “for such a time as this” in your life….Jump over to the donate page and grab your puzzle pieces before they are all gone.

The total is just below 17,000.00 at this typing.

One puzzle piece will jump it over $17,000.00 dollars. Go be that one person !!


So my face can do this again.

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