Blessed to walk the Broken Road

I had shared a bit of our specific challenges directly related to the life of an adoptive family, a very sweet and sincere friend responded “but all that  you share and write looks so precious.”

It is precious, pricelessly precious!

It is also hard, adoption results from broken and sad situations. Adoption is a beautiful redemptive plan our Lord has orchestrated for his little ones who have been abandoned, orphaned, wounded, neglected and rejected. Mothers have died, food has been scarce, starvation the norm, disease has wounded and hearts are fragile, so very fragil. It is a sensitive area for me to write about, we have a precious 11 year old who has to live with the image i paint for the world to see, it is her story and i need to protect her journey. i wish to blend the raw honest truth with the miraculous redemptive journey we walk.

If you are interested in the nitty gritty, The Connected Child is a must read. This book is a great resource for anyone who has adopted, is interested in adoption, loves someone who is adopted or cares about an adoptive parent.

A wound we process weekly is the deep feeling of abandonment, an ever haunting sense of being alone, different or left out. Today our girl had a volleyball game, i sat in the bleachers overwhelmed by the joy of watching our girl “belong”.  I am ever in awe of the God who took a very sick 12 pound toddler, lifted her from that orphanage crib and placed her in a community, family, school, neighborhood and fellowship where she is embraced and welcomed as “a part.”


That Number Two is our Blessing


“A part” of the team

IMG_3598 copy

They won Three out of Three

The girl can serve a mean ball

The girl can serve a mean ball

notice upper left corner

notice upper left corner

Our Bonus Blessing for the day, Busy Timmy at School.

Our Bonus Blessing for the day, Busy Timmy at School.

i hope to do a better job of sharing the Everyday Extraordinary Blessing that is ours because we are privileged to walk a Broken Road. If you feel the brokenness of this world listen and thank your Lord for his perfect plan.

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