So, you still have Fruit Flies !?!?

If your Fruit Flies are beating you at their game, there are a few additional tricks you may want to try. The tiny pests will find any source of sugar, vinegar or food waste and lay up to 500 eggs at one time to continue their life cycle in your home. As you put your traps out you will want to give a bit of additional attention to tidying up.

1.Keep the sink clean and free of dirty dishes. You may wish to pour some bleach down your drain to eliminate and eggs resting in the pumbing.

Dirty Dishes

Fruit Flies Love Dirty Dishes

2. All food needs to be sealed for a period of time. Any fly worth its weight in smarts will choose the fresh fruit over the vinegar trap any day, all day long.


Put the Fruit in a Baggie or the refrigerator

Fruit in our Fruit Stand

Fruit in our Fruit Stand, ziplocked

3. Take trash out often….take food waste straight to an outside can or tie it shut in a small bag before you drop in the kitchen trash.

Fruit Fly Promise Land

Fruit Fly Promise Land

4. Be a bit more diligent in keeping you kitchen surfaces wiped off. The pests will be happy with a dribble of honey, jam or fruit juice, you leave it, they will find it.

Additional Fun(ish) Tips

Use cute bottles to make the process less disgusting.

Upcycled fun bottles from Kaydra and Cody's Wedding

Upcycled fun bottles from Kaydra and Cody’s Wedding

Be silly, it is more fun, you could leave these out continually, dump the old trap with dead flies and replenish weekly.

Permanant Trap

Permanant Trap

I put these two traps on our counters 24 hours ago, it appeared we had beat the fruit fly problem, obviously they hide and infest even when you are not seeing a lot of them.

24 hours of Capture

24 hours of Capture

Brands and amounts don’t matter much.

Simple Fruit Fly Solution

Simple Fruit Fly Solution

Simple instructions on trapping the pests are in this post, click on the blue words.

An empty Amber Beverage bottle is perfect to hide the dead flies, plus you could just throw this away not requiring you to see the dead pests.

Amber Beverage Bottle

Amber Beverage Bottle

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