TeePee Tutorial Part 3-Upgrades

Nama and Papa Upgrade # 1~Line the front flaps

This upgrade should happen at the beginning of your sewing process. We like to line the bottom half of the front flaps with a coordinating fabric. This creates a nice detail when the flaps are folded back for open play.  i am , again, not very precise about the lining. After i have cut my 4 peaks from the 1.5 yards of designer fabric i have had a scrap remaining that looks like it is about a right fit for the bottom of my front flaps. It does not matter how high up the flap your lining goes. You could line the entire flap or as you can see from the pictures, my scrap fit about half of the flap. Before i did my center seam and hem (Tutorial Part 2) , i simply put my lining piece on the back side of each front flap. Align as neatly as possible, pin and do a wide zigzag stitch across the top to hold it in place. (image 2) Image’s 2 and 3, again show my comfort with “about right”. You will see, when this is all done it will not matter a teeny tiny bit!!

UpGrade #2~ Window

It works best to add the window before you sew the 4 side panels together.

 Tee-Pee-Tutorial/namafish.comNamafish.comFullSizeRender 28 

We like to put one window in the back panel, all of your creative ideas would work here for placement, size and number of windows.


You will cut an 11.5″ x 11.5″ square of mosquitto mesh ( we get ours at Hancock Fabrics) or bridal veil netting, either will work fine. Cut 4 Strips of fabric 14.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. Press the fabric strips in half lengthwise to create 14.5 x 1.5 inch strips.


Create this window before you place the window on the TeePee. You will sew one strip of fabric to each side of the window mesh. Align the strip so the cut edges of the fabric lay along the edge of the mesh. Pin and sew a 1/2 inch seam along this edge.

Sew the top and bottom fabric strips to the mesh first, press the seam allowance to the outside of the window, now sew the two side strips to the window.

Four important details

1.When you add the side strips sew all the way across the fabric strips on the top and bottom.

2. Be detailed about pressing all the seam allowance to the outside of the window.

3. When you sew the side strips of fabric you need to have some extra fabric left on both ends to allow for a finished hem. This is pictured above.

4. It is very important that you sew the cut edge of the strips to the mesh, you need the folded edge to be your final outer edge to create a nice finished window edge.


This shows the backside of the window after all strips of fabric have been sewn on. Press all fabric to the outside of the window. Fold the extra length of fabric at each corner to the back to complete the finished edge. Do a good job of pressing all this in place.

Position the window where you want it to be on your TeePee. We chose the back panel near the top of the main panel. Pin the Window in place, zigzag stitch on inner edge of the fabric strip through all layers. You still have not cut the window hole out of the Tee-Pee, it works better to sew first.

Cut the hole in TeePee for window. 


Cut TeePee Window, pull the mesh away from the TeePee fabric. Turn the panel to the back side.


Snip the point of the TeePee Fabric on the inside of the TeePee panel.

From the snip in the center of The TeePee fabric cut diagonally to each corner of the window. Fold each triangle of cut fabric back over the zigzag seam that attached the window to the TeePee. Pin these triangles to the TeePee base panel on the inside of the TeePee. turn the panel over and zigzag stitch the outer edge of the window frame to the TeePee.


Flip to the inside of the TeePee and trim the excess fabric off the inside triangles.

Here are a couple more images of window details to clarify or confuse you further….


There Ya Go !! Window….Upgrade #2


Upgrade #3 Drill holes in Poles and add ties to top of Teepee.

Namafish.comFullSizeRender 8

We add a tie to the top of each of our side seams to tie through the poles. This prevents the fabric from creeping down the poles during play. This is an upgrade because the fabric will do a good job of staying in place simply because of the pyramid shape, but the ties add a bit of extra stability we prefer.

i sew 8 ties. 4 for the top pole ties, 4 for the front flap ties.

Cut 8 strips of fabric 10″ long x 1.5 inches wide.

Press the sides of each strip into the center, fold this piece in half and press again. Zigzag through all thicknesses down the center.

Namafish.comFullSizeRender 15

Pin and sew a tie to the top of each side seam. Use a tight zigzag stitch to create a strong seam. You may sew a small hem in the loose end of each tie. You may zigzag across the end to finish it or i like to use Fray Check to seal the cut end to prevent raveling.

DRILL HOLES IN TOP OF POLES 11130808_10205378252108352_860738297_o

Look closely at the top of our poles, we drill a hole in each pole just above the fabric line. Place the hole 5 1/2 inches down from the top of the pole. Tim does the drilling for me. My words to him are “please drill the largest hole you can give me without compromising the strength of the pole.” Tim says a  3/16″ and 1/4″ bit is what he has used. Remember… we have used different pole diameters. Go small, squeezing the ties through may take patience but that beats a broken pole by a long shot. I have used a small nail to help push the tie through the hole.

When you set the Teepee up simply grab top ties across from each other and Tie knots. it is simple, it is effective!! + Cute !!!

Final UPGRADE 4: Add ties to front flaps


You will add your final 4 ties to the front of the Teepee to tie the flaps open for Playtime.

Place your ties about 18″ up from the bottom of the Teepee. They should be sewn right on top of the seam that created your pole pocket or right next to that seam. One tie goes on the outside of the TeePee, one tie goes on the inside of the TeePee on each side of the TeePee.IMG_4952

You can grab the ties from the inside and the outside and tucking the flap in between them and tie it open on each side. IMG_4811


Sew the tie to the TeePee with a straight stitch. The long tie is laying over the pole pocket. The 1/2 inch seam allowance is laying on the front flap side of the TeePee. IMG_4812

Once you have attached the tie with a straight stitch fold the long tie over the top of the seam allowance and zigzag through all layers of fabric. do this on both sides of the Teepee. You have just attached your outside ties.IMG_4813

You will use the exact same process for your inside ties. This image shows the inside tie completed. 

The inside and outside ties will actually be aligned on top of each other with the Teepee front panel sandwiched between them.IMG_4815

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