Delight Yourself


Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

I clearly remember sitting on the wooden pews in our little northern Minnesota church feeling a tug at my child heart as missionaries shared their stories of serving and loving in other parts of the world.

I never put away that heart desire but wife and mother were titles I joyfully choose at a young age and my dream to serve in the furthest parts of the world was moved to a low simmer on the back burner. Each night as we tucked our babies in we would pray “Use our home and our lives to share your love and truth with the rest of the world!”

I was certain my time to “Go” would be as our three sons became less dependent, I envisioned our Kaydra (who also has that burning passion to serve) and I going often as opportunities would present themselves through her teen years.

When Kaydra was 10 years old her prayers for a little sister brought Blessing Kayin Elizabeth home from an orphanage in Liberia. Kaydra’s servant heart was apparent as she selflessly helped me mother and homeschool our 5 + our three daycare boys. I never gave up the hope of traveling in mission work with our big girl, but as the needs of our little girl became more demanding and apparent I realized my mission had been brought to our living room and I embraced that call.

Our Cody and Kaydra are in the process of preparing to move to Haiti for a year. They will serve there full-time with Upstream Ministries. Tomorrow at 5am I will join them as they travel to Port AU Prince to spend a week in the community where they will live and serve. Cody and Kaydra are leading a small mission team and I will join them to experience their Haiti, serve post hurricane and be Nama to Luka.


When Our God plants a seed of desire he intends to bring it to fruition in HIS perfect time. Some of the deepest things I have learned in my 53 years of journey are the lessons taught through seasons of waiting and surrender. I always believed the time would come, I never dreamt it would be a daughter all grown up, a son and grand baby who would lead the way.

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