The land of misfit toys….how I adored all those little mistakes who felt unloved.

A favorite Christmas movie, a story of finding a place to belong, even in the  truth that you were clearly one of the unwanted.  As I look back I realize I didn’t so much love the misfit toys but as my heart broke for them, I wanted to fix them. I entered my adult life with a resolve to fix all the broken things and make everything “right” in my world as far as I could reach.

Pretty much all of my  54 years have been a process of my Lord teaching me I can fix nothing because I am the most broken of all.  Any good that may come from this misfit is  His doing by His loving Grace and Mercy.

I am reading a powerful book right now, A Different Kind of Hero, about the misfits in the bible and how God uses or perhaps designs misfits that He may be seen as faithful and worthy of our praise. In our weakness He is seen strong.   2 Corinthians 12:9-10

The misfit of the day was David, he behaved “outrageously” and embarrassed his sensative wife Michal.  Michael threw a fit and  declared  ‘It wasn’t fair that David should make her feel so exposed” He actually had done nothing to directly affect Michal, she felt shame for her husbands choice which was pretty much not her problem….go read about it in…..2 SAMUEL 6:16, 20-23

What I love most is this…..the annoyance of David’s behavior in Michal’s life was actually a planned gift to Michal that would have brought deep blessing and growth had she been bright enough to accept it as such and embrace the inconvenience of enjoying her own personal misfit, her husband David.

-she was so blind to the presence of God that all she could see was what she was willing to see-  from A different Kind of Hero

Because of Michal’s disobedience she was left barren and never bore children. How sad is that ? Read more from A different Kind of Hero…

What if, by exposing Michal to her husband’s exhilaration, God was calling Michal beyond herself? What if He was giving her a chance to put aside her own sense of prudence and propriety, and instead enter in, perhaps for the first time in her life, to the foolish, crazy, unbounded joy of the presence of God? Her inability to look beyond her own expectations—the poverty of her perspective—resulted in her barrenness for the rest of her life. The unwillingness of her own soul to recognize the life of God’s Spirit resulted in the void of her womb to produce human life. Perhaps God is calling us to be more like David, and to love the Davids in our lives. It is not for us to decide whom God will use and what preconditions are necessary for His will to be done. Maybe God gives us misfits and outside-the-box family members and friends to draw us outside the safety of ourselves and into the joyous whirlwind of His glorious and beautiful plan.

In my journey the past 12 years have been a beautifully tough journey into learning to see as my God sees, not as i,  those around me or this world sees.  I fail daily, last week i cussed ( i don’t even know how to swear) at one who was annoying me, but i apologized and we started over.  Most often those who are regularly violating my “rights” are God’s gifts to help me let go of the things that do not matter and grow in the eternal things.  If you could choose to be comfortable or to let go of the safe, allowing something really special to be done through your story wouldn’t you choose to let go and watch the miracles happen?  I want to, I am trying.


Why do you fight to fit in when you were created to stand out…..Dr. Seuss


Watch this beautiful story of one of God’s beautiful Misfits……”Died at birth and was brought back with a disability that God used to change lives. And would not have been able to do it UNLESS he was disabled.”








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