I Need

I have been painfully aware of my NEED recently…..it is a painful place to be, it is a hopeful place to reside……this place of settling into my need.

I am constantly aware of how little I know and how poorly equipped I am to do what daily live brings to our little home.

I do not know how to be a adoptive mom.

I do not know how to honor and respect adult children who live with us.

I Do know how to be a kind and gentle wife but often don’t want to be kind.

I have felt much sadness and loss in friendship.

I have no clue how to be a parent to adult children. Are we friends or are we competitors?  Do we like each other?  Do we need each other? Beautiful. Messy.

I have no idea how to school a precious one with different learning styles and the challenges of a hard beginning.

Most days I am not 100 percent certain which education opportunity is the best for our last homeschool student.

Do I allow myself to almost always say “yes” to  our 12 jewels or do I work really hard to respect each parenting style and attempt to remember and honor with this slowing and forgetful mind of mine.

In all the unknown I tend towards feelings of overwhelmed….

This Morning this reading brought clarity and renewed hope….

All that this life of mine yields must point others to the Grace of my faithful Saviour…….

This phrase brought tears…….Trust God for gracious enabling, and he gets the glory when the help comes.  We get the help. He gets the glory.

If there was not NEED, there would be no need for help, there would be no gracious enabling, there would be no Glorious help to be seen and no praise given  to my loving Father. The need is critical to the process of giving Glory.

If you are weary or painfully aware of your inabilities, please take a moment and read or listen to this short teaching.