Meet Nama

1513805_10100399598678575_1291245925_oThis image is the thousand words i could type to tell you about me. i am the dark haired Nama in the middle of this magic. That is my man sitting next to me, he is Pappa to this clan.

Quick facts : Mary Kaye Elizabeth Fischer,  51 years old, Christ Worshiper, wife to Tim for 33 years, mom to 4 biological and one African Angel through adoption, Mother in law to 3 , Grandma to 4 and counting. My sweet mom and two much loved bonus sons are included in this family pic.

i will try anything, i can do many things, i have mastered nothing.

i enjoy baking, sewing, cooking, gardening, decorating, designing, homeschooling,cake decorating, event planning, hosting, running, fitness, nutrition,crafting, thrifting,refurbishing, re-purposing, reading, chatting and sleeping.

More of the 1,000 words…..

Five and Counting…

Our Girls

Our Blessing

Why Namafish

Why Blog ?

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